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What is the amount of pulling force developed by beach gear?
60 Tons
What is the linear puller designed for?
Pulling 1 5/8" wire rope.
What are retractable rollers for?
Tending the tow line during heave in and pay out and during long distance straight towing by preventing wire from sweeping across the deck and rail.
What is needed for barotrauma to occur?
Gas filled space
Rigid walls
Ambient pressure change
Vascular penetration
Enclosed space
What is the umbilical inner diameter and max length?
3/8 inch, 600 ft
How much crown or retrieving wire can a buoy support?
3 100 ft lengths.
What is a flounder plate?
A triangular steel plate that bridle legs are connected to in order to distribute towing force.
What is a plate shackle?
Two metal plates and bolts used for towing pendant and towline.
What are spring buoys used for?
Used to offer a more constant pressure on the leg to stabilize them.
Why is liverpool bridle used?
To counter act current.
What deck fitting can be found on salvage ships?
Open roller chocks
Charles/ Gay-Lussac's Law
For any gas at a constant volume, the pressure of the gas will vary directly with the absolute temp.
Dalton's law of partial pressure?
“The total pressure exerted by a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the pressures of each of the different gases making up the mixture, with each gas acting as if it alone was present and occupied the total volume.”
How does Dalton's Law relate to diving?
Gas Toxicity at depth
Nitrogen Narcosis
O2 Toxicity
Decompression Tables
PP of gases determines the decompression tables along with Henry's Law.
Boyle's Law
At a constant temperature, the absolute pressure and the volume of gas are inversely proportional.
How does Boyle's Law relate to diving?
Air Consumption(SCF to ACF)
What is considered an exceptional exposure dive?
Dives deeper than 190 FSW
In water "D" >90min
Sur "D" O2 w/chamber >120min or 4 periods
What is ESDT?
Equivalent Single Dive Time
(RNT + BT)
Dalton's Law summed up?
The whole is equal to the sum of it's parts.
What is the FADS 3?
A portable, self contained, surface supplied DLSS designed to support dive missions to 190 FSW.
What is the procedure for a delay in arriving at 1st Deco stop greater than 1 min deeper than 50 FSW?
Round up to nearest whole min and add to bottom time. Recompute T/S if required.
What is the procedure for a delay in arriving at 1st Deco stop up to 1 min?
A delay of up to 1 min in reaching the 1st decompression stop can be ignored.
What is the procedure for a delay in arriving at 1st Deco stop greater than 1 min shallower than 50 FSW?
Round up to nearest whole min and add to the diver’s first decompression stop.
What is the total available primary air for MK3 MOD 0 CONFIG 3?
1782 SCF
What is the max life of the breathing gas hose?
12 years.
Kinetic Theory of Gases?
As temp is increased the striking force of molecules in any gas causes greater kinetic energy. When the temp decreases, the kinetic energy decreases. Also the small fast moving molecules will exert the same kinetic energy as the large slow moving molecules.
What is the Navy's Birthday?
October 13, 1775
What does PKP do?
Chemically interrupts combustion.
What does AFFF do?
Creates vapor seal.
How is beach gear recovered?
1)Crown buoy is picked up and removed.
2)Crown pendant is hauled up.
3)Anchor is brought to surface.
4)Anchor is picked up by crane.
What is hawser?
A heavy line or wire rope over 5" in diameter which serves as primary tension element of the tow line system.
What are the 3 types of towing Padeyes?
Horizontal Padeye
Vertical Padeye
Smit towin bracket
What is a tow machine?
Acts as a hard point or an attachment point for securing the towline to tug.
What is a traction winch used for?
To pull hawser.
What is the depth limit of the MK 20?
What do tow bows do?
Keep tow wire clear of deck fittings.
What is freshen the nip?
Act of paying in or paying out on the tow wire to change the chaffing point.
What are 2 types of chain?
Stud link and die lock.
What colors are the flooding alarms when towing?
Low level alarm= White
High level alarm= Amber
What color does M9 turn when a nerve or blister agent is detected?
How is the size of wire rope determined?
Which manual provides specific info and guidance for the tag out program?
Tagout user manual.
What is the max water temp that a diver should be exposed to?
What does a primary chamber med kit contain?
Diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.
What is a fathom?
When must a scuba diver be tended?
When there is no free access to the surface and during night dives.
What is CNS O2 Toxicity?
Neurological symptom resulting from exposure to high oxygen partial pressures.
What indicates damage in synthetic lines?
White powdery residue.
How is wire rope run off a reel on to a drum?
Top to top or bottom to bottom.
What do rope clips consist of?
U bolt, saddle, and nuts with lock washer.
What is the formula for the number of rope clips needed?
(3xD) + 1
What is the formula for the proper spacing of rope clips?
What is the min number of rope clips needed?
How does synthetic line part?
Where do you stand when operating a capstain or a gypsy head?
90 Degrees from direct pull
What type of anchor is used with beach gear?
600 Lbs STATO Anchor
When is a BC or life preserver not required?
When diving under ice.
What would you use to offset the bilge keel when installing a box patch?
Which member of an attack team controls the movement of the hose teams inside a space that is on fire?
Team Leader.
How many decibels constitutes double hearing protection?
104 DB
What is the geographic area of responsibility for the 6th fleet?
What type of knot is used to start a back splice in 3 strand line?
What is the major concern when dewatering a compartment with air to raise a submerged vessel?
Uncontrollable lift
When cutting with a broco torch you have a steady stream of bubbles coming from the torch handle when the O2 lever is depressed . What is the problem?
Bad collet washer or loose collet.
What is the pulling force of beach gear?
60 tons
What is used to recover or reset the ground leg anchor?
Crown pendant
The linear puller was designed for what size wire rope?
1 5/8"
A standard shot of anchor chain is how many fathoms?
What is used to connect shots of an anchor chain together?
detachable link
When are radcons required when diving on a nuclear powered vessel?
Diving within 50ft of the reactor compartment.
What is the max line voltage that can be provided to a diver without the use of a ground fault interrupter?
7.5 VAC 30 VDC
When can standby be deployed as a working diver?
Surface supplied No "D" 60 FSW or less, job on same side of vessel, work area deemed safe by red diver, in ballast tank and both divers are tended by third diver.
When is a dewatering eductor secured on a cofferdam?
After white water is achieved + ::30
What water temp is considered ice diving?
@ or below 37 Degrees F
How are metal rope guards secured?
Welded in place and flat head machine screws
What happens when a masker belt runs into the bilge keel?
Belt goes through bilge keel
How many types of UWSH inspectors are there?
What must level 1 inspectors be trained in?
Feeler gauges, camera/videos
When the top coat of paint detaches from the underlying surface in unbroken areas as a result of gases or liquid forming under the coat is known as?
When outer layer of paint is broken and the underlying paint coats are visible this is known as?
Checking and alligatoring.
Name 2 major components of the hull coating system?
Anti corrosion and anti fouling
A diver within what distance of an Active ICCP system must wear a full dry suit, unisuit, or a wet suit with gloves and hood?
15 ft when working on ICCP it must be tagged out
Anodes will still function satisfactorily if less than what % of the platinum coated tantalum wires are broken?
What is the MK 20 second stage relief valve set at?
210 +/- 36 psig
resets @ 10 psig below set pressure
What is MK 20 EGS stage reg set to? 1st
Manufacturers recommendation no lower than 135 psi

150 if using 50-150 ft hose
What is the air consumption during MK 20 freeflow?
What is the air supply requirement for MK 20?
Average sustained flow of 1.4 ACFM to divers
What is a key factor for using a wedge socket?
What are the over bottom pressures for MK 20?
Minimum= 90 psig
Desired= 135 psig
Maximum= 135 psig
What is the positive pressure on a MK 20?
.03 psi
What is the minimum side for 2 scuba divers?
4/ Dive SUP, 2 Divers, Standby Diver
What is the 1st step of the fouling process?
What is used to determine propeller surface roughness?
Rubert Scale
On sonar domes with rubber anti fouling coating, slime and grass present would indicate what FR?
FR 10- FR 30
It's not uncommon to have a FR of what on the docking block bearing surfaces?
What does PDR stand for?
Paint Deterioration Rating
What fouling rating is considered soft fouling?
How does a pilgrim nut work?
By forcing hydraulic fluid into the nitril tire through hydraulic connection.
What is the max extension a pilgrim nut can be extended?
What are the 3 types of propellers?
Solid, Built up and controllable pitch
Where are emitter holes on the screw?
Leading edge
The propeller cap is AKA?
Dunce Cap
What is used to prevent flat head screws on rope guards from backing out?
What 2 methods are used to seat propellers?
Pilgrim nut and propeller nut wrench.
What is the preferred method of seating the propeller?
Pilgrim nut
Hydraulic fluid must never exceed what temp?
140 Degrees F
What is the MK 20 mini testing kit used for?
Checking valve sealing, leakage, automatic positive pressure, exhalation resistance without positive pressure, water tightness, and air flow capacity.
What is the EP for loss of air?
Check air is on back 1/4
Check reserve
Try secondary
Buddy breathe and abort dive
What is the EP for trapped diver?
Approach with caution
Assess area
Assess diver
Check diver air
Assess what it will take to free diver
Return to surface and report to dive sup
What is the EP for an Unconscious diver?
Approach with caution
Open airway and insert reg w/o purging
Make sure cylinder valve is on
Check bottle pressure
Press divers diaphragm during ascent
Inflate his BC not your own
What must a scuba standby diver have?
Octopus rig and must be tended.
What is the min side for SCUBA and what are the positions? (Single Diver)
Dive Sup (STBY Ten, Charts/Logs)
Diver tender
Standby diver
What are the requirements for a BC?
Must have power inflator and oral inflation device
Must have over inflation device
Must have releasable weights
Must have 10 lbs pos lift @ max depth
What are the requirements for a life preserver?
Must have oral inflator and C02 inflator
Must have enough volume to bring a diver from depth to surface.
When must SCUBA cylinders be hydro tested and what are they tested to?
Every 5 years
Tested to 1 2/3 the working pressure.
What is the strongest of all wire rope and is used for lifting loads?
What is 6x7 wire rope used for?
Standing rigging.
What is 6x37 rope used for?
Fair leading and heavy hoisting
What must you do to wire rope before cutting it?
Seize it
What is a carpenter stopper?
Fairlead block for 5/8" purchase wire
What are plugs and wedges used for?
Cracks/gashes too large to caulk/weld
Irregular holes and
Plug broken pipes
What is the shattering effect created by the shock wave of an explosive?
What is used as base value of all explosives?
What are the 2 types of explosives?
High and Low Explosives
What are the grinder attachments?
Metal Masonry Grinding Wheels
Metal Discs
Wire Cup Brush
What are the 3 types of energy encountered in diving?
What does light effect in water?
Objects appear closer + larger
Light travels faster in air than in water
Affects hand-eye coordination
What is the order colors disappear in water?
What impact wrench is 1 1/2" drive?
What ipact is 3/4" drive?
How many straps does the MK 20 have?
What mooring device has 2 projecting arms?
How many fathoms are in a shot?
How long is a fathom?
6 FT
What is the EGS whip length?
Whats the depth limit for the MK-20?
60 FSW
What is the dry charge rate for scuba cylinders?
200 PSIG/M
What is the Internal Diameter of the PNEUMO?
What is the Internal Diameter of the O2 hose?
What are the advantages of NONEL?
Instantaneous without concern of HERO.
How can fluid be cooled?
By placing excess hose in water.
The supply pressure that will ensure that the gas supply will be delivered at a sufficient pressure to overcome the ambient seawater pressure and allow the equipment to supply the required amount of air to ventilate the rig being used.
Minimum Manifold Pressure
What is hydro static pressure?
Weight of the water
What are salvage limiting factors?
Depth, Water temp, Bottom Type, and Exposure to the elements.
Who goes down range on misfires?
RSO and One safety observer
Whats the max length of the MK-20 umbilical?
What is the MK-20 ear piece called?
Bone conducting earphone.
What is EGS?
Emergency Gas Supply
What are 3 ways to prevent sinking?
Shoring, Patching and Plugging
What are the 3 parts of the PNS?
Cranial Nerves, Spinal Nerves, and Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight or Flight)
What is the circulatory system?
A closed system that brings O2, Nutrients, and hormones to every cell and tissue of the body and carries away carbon dioxide, waste chemicals and heat.
How long is an explosive driver's license valid for?
2 years
What does MK-20 air consumption vary between?
0.75 and 1.5 ACFM
How long are MK20 Premission checks good for?
30 days
What is the max allowable current for MK20?
1.5 Knots
When are pre dive procedures conducted?
Beginning of day
What is the rate of detonation measured in?
How much does the MK21 Helmet weigh?
28 Lbs
What is the MK21 glass made out of?
Whats the ACFM for MK20 free flow?
What is the Mk20 relief set at?
210 +/- 36 PSIG
Reset @ 10 PSIG below set pressure
What is umbilical to mask hose rated working pressure?
250 psi
What is the SEV limit for CO2?
1.5% SEV
Last shot is what color?
Next to last shot is what color?
What is FFM?
Full Face Mask
Who decides whether or not to fight fire?
Comms equipment must be kept how far from HERO susceptible items?
25 FT
Who maintains control of communication devices down range?
Who must maintain positive comms?
RSO, Medical representative, Range coordinator, and Road Guards
What is the primary means of comms?
Voice comms.
Whats the purpose of steady flow?
Defog Faceplate
Secondary breathing source
De-Water helmet