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from diver to tender what do line pulls 1,2,3,4,2-1,3-2, and 4-3 denote?
1:“I am all right.” When descending, one pull means “Stop” or “I am on the bottom.”
2:“Lower” or “Give me slack.”
3:“Take up my slack.”
4:“Haul me up.”
2-1:“I understand” or “Talk to me.”
3-2:“More air.”
4-3:“Less air.”
from tender to diver what do line pulls 1,2,3,4,2-1,3-2, and 4-3 denote?
1:“Are you all right?” When diver is descending, one pull means “Stop.”
2:“Going Down.” During ascent, two pulls mean “You have come up too far; go back down until we stop you.”
3:“Stand by to come up.”
4:“Come up.”
2-1:“I understand” or “Talk to me.”
What is the SORM? What does it contain? What is it's purpose?
ships organization and regulation manual
- all info on all aspects of chain of command and REGS
- 1 stop manual for all regs and info
What is the PDR scale?
raiting of paint deterioration 10 good 100 bad
What is NSTM Chapter 81?
water borne underwater hull cleaning of navy ships?
What are the 3 types of shoring ?
I- strongest
H- moderate
K- not more than 90 degrees
Name the chain of command from CO to President?
CO mdsu-1 - CDR Murphy
CO GRUONE - Capt Ed W. Eldson
CO Necc- Rear Adm Micheal P. Tillotson
CNO - Adm Gary Roughead
Secnav - Ray Mabus
Secdef - Robert Gates
VP - Joe Biden
Pres - Barrack Obama
What are the 3 types of Props?
Controlable pitch, fixed, built up
Describe the 5 Mopp levels.
level-0-mask carried, other gear available
level-1-mask carried, coat and trousers worn, everything else carried
level-2-mask carried, coat and trousers worn, boots worn
level-3-mask worn, coat and toursers worn, boots worn
level-4-all worn (including gloves) antidote carried
What item is "charts" required to have on hand?
copy of u.s. navy decompression table being used.
What is scuba normal working limit?
What is scubas max w/ CO's or OIC permission?
What is normal limit for scuba s/less than 100 SCF?
Discuss what types of materials are not allowed in the chamber?
65% polyester/35% cotton blend materials only (clothing)
no flamable materials of any type
no electrical devices
*100% cotton is also allowed as well
when does the MK16 Mod1 transition from what ppo2 to what ppo2 ?
33' .75 to 1.3 on descent
13' 1.3 to .75 on ascent
What is the range for a guage?
130 and 10% of max operating pressure
symptoms of Pulmonary O2 toxicity
dry cough
burning behind sternum
shortness of breath
Discuss the battle of coral sea
7-8 may 1942
carrier vs. carrier
lexington sunk
yorktown damaged
japs never threatened australia again
how long shuld a bridle that is being used to tow a ship be?
as long as the beam
What is broaching?
the stranded vessel turns broadside to surf or seas
-can scour and hog
What is the stage line to be/
3" double braid or 3/8" wire rope min
Describe time fuse
initial cut-
test cut-
initial cut- 6 inches
test cut- 6 feet
What % of the breaking strength of wire rope should be used when wire rope clips are used?
What gas mixing procedures do navy divers use?
partial pressure- most common
ideal gas
gas transfer system
continuous flow
by colume
by wieght
What are the depth limitations fo the mk16 mod 1?
190 N2O2
300 HeO2
Deeper than 150" exeptional exposure, CNO aproval
Limitations on mixed gas diving
bottom mix- 90% He, 10% O2, to 60%, 40% depending on depth
50/50- decompression 90' to 40' O2 44%-51%
100% used 30 fsw to 20 fsw
50,40,30, in chamber.