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By what methods can a person be identified as an abuser?
Self admittance, medical evaluation, urinalysis testing, command referral, law enforcement.
Can a soldier refuse to submit a sample for urinalysis test?
An order from a competent authority to submit a urinalysis is a lawful order. Failure to obey will be met with disciplinary action.
Who are the personnel to be tested by a urinalysis test?
Anyone as directed by the commander.
Our rehabilitative programs consist of two phases, what are they?
Active and follow-up.
What is the time period for each phase of the rehabilitative program?
Active up to 60 days (2 months)
Follow-up up to 300 days (10 months).
Why is the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse considered so important?
The abuse of alcohol and drugs have a very detrimental effect on attaining and maintaining combat readiness.
What is the most abused drug in the armed forces?
Is an individual in a promotable status when enrolled in an alcohol or drug abuse rehabilitation program?
No, not while in the active phase.
People who abuse drugs are classified in three groups, name them?
Experimenter, User, Drug dependent.
What AR covers the drug and alcohol programs of the Army?
AR 600-85
600 dollars will by 85 bottles of beer.