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1.2 Senses

a.What is the problem with driving with loud music on ?
b. Which senses are important?

a. You can't hear what problems might be occurring.
b. Eyesight, smell, touch, hearing.

1.3 Physical and mental condition

a. How much alcohol does your body break per hour ?

b. What is the legal maximum alcohol blood level?

c. What is the legal alcohol content per litter breathed out air for a breath test ?

a. 0.1 pro mille per hour

b. 0.5 pro mille

c. The maximum legal content is 220 micrograms of alcohol per litter breathed out

d. How many glasses of bear must you drink to reach the legally accepted limit of alcohol content per litter of breathed out air ?

e. What is a novice driver ?

f. What is the legal maximum alcohol blood level?

e. What is the legal maximum content of alcohol per litter of breathed out air in a breath test ?

d. 2 glasses of beer within 1h - note each glass contains the same amount of alcohol

e. A driver that has only had his licence for 5 years or less.

f. 0.2 pro mille.

e. 88 microgram