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What army manual covers drill and ceremony?
FM 3-21.5
FM 3-21.5 is descended from what document?
The blue book
Who wrote the blue book?
Baron friedrich von steuben.
Who was Baron Friedrich von steuben?
A prussian, former staff officer to fredrick the great, who was hired by General George Washington.
What was he hired by Washington?
Washington recognized that his troops lacked oranization, discipline, control and teamwork.
Whats the purpose of drill?
Enable a commander to move a unit from one place to another in an orderly and timely manner. Promotes discipline, teamwork, confidence, pride, attention to detail.
Whats the purpose of ceremonies?
Adds color and pageantry to military life while preserving tradition and promoting esprit de corps.
What are the three methods of teaching drill?
Step by step
Talk through
By the numbers
Most drill commands are composed of how many parts?
What are tht two parts of most drill commands?
The preparatory command, the command of execution.
Describe cadence.
The uniform step and rhythm in marching.
What is the length of a marching step?
30 inches
How long is a half step?
15 inches
Describe a rank
A line that is one element in depth.
What is a file?
A column that has a front of one element.
What is interval?
The lateral distance between elements.
Define distance.
The space between elements either in a column or file.
Describe how a marching step is measured.
Heal to heal
Describe how arms are swung while marching.
Nine to the front and six to the rear
Describe a drill command.
It is an oral order of the leader of commander.
On what foot is the command "halt" given?
The left foot.
How many steps per minute in "quick time" march?
How many steps per minute in "double time" march?
Do all steps begin with the left foot from "halt"?
Which marching step does not begin on the left foot?
Right step, march.
What person in a platoon is never out of step?
The platoon guide or leader.
How is "open ranks, march" executed?
The first rank takes two paces forward. The second rank takes on pace forward. The third rank stands fast. The fourth rank takes two steps backward.
How is the command "close ranks, march" executed?
The first rank takes four steps backward. The second rank takes two steps backward. The third rank stands fast. The fourth rank takes one step forward.
What is the length of a backward step?
15 inches
Who is responsible for the appearance and training of the unit color guard?
The command sergeant major.
Describe the first commands of a morning formation.
They are "fall in" and receive the report.
What is the only command given from "inspection arms"?
Ready, port arms.
What are the two types of platoon formations?
Coumn and line formations.
What is the length of a right or left step?
15 inches
Describe the five rests executed from the halt position.
They are: at ease, stand at ease, rest, parade rest, and fall out.
Describe how the "halt" command is executed during a left or right step march.
It is a two count command with the prepatory command given when the heels are together,and the comman of execution given the next step that the hells are together.
How many steps should separate platoons in a company formation?
5 steps
Describe what an "element" is.
It can be a soldier, squad, section, platoon or company - any unit serving as part of a larger unit.
Where is the "head" of an element?
It is the leading element of a column.
What is the "post" of a formation?
It is the correct place an officer or NCO will stand in a prescribed formation.
What is the "depth" of a formation?
It's the distance from the front to the rear of a formation and includes the front and rear element.
What is a directive?
An oral order given by a commander to direct or cause a subordinate leader or lead element to take action.
What is a "flank"?
The right or left side of a formation as observed by an element with that formation.
What is a coron?
A line of soldiers to honor a dignitary upon entering or exiting from a place or vehicle.
Describe the "base" of a formation.
It is the element on which movements are planned or regulated.
What command revokes a prepatory command?
As you were.
What is inflection?
It's the rise and fall in pitch and the tone changes of the voice.
On what side of the body are sabers and swords worn?
The left side
Who wears sabers?
Officers while participating in ceremonies with troops under arms or as directed.
Who wears swords?
Platoon sergeants or first sergeants while participating in ceremonies with troops under arms, or as directed.
What is the basic difference between that saber and the sword?
The toe of the saber is slightly curved while the toe of th sword is straight.
What are the four prescribed formations for a company?
Company in line with platoons in line. Company in column with platoons in column. Company in column with platoons in line. Company mass formation.
Should a soldier raise the left arm in order to obtain correct interval when the command is "Dress right, dress"?
What is the command to avoid an obstacle in the line of march?
Incline around
How many degrees is the head turned on the command of "eyes right"?
Does everybody turn their head on "eyes right"?
no. The right file remains looking forward.
What command brings you back to attention from "route step, march"?
Quick time, march.
What command should be given when marching troops across a bridge?
Route step, march.
What does "cover" mean?
Elements must dress directly behind each other.
Who sets the time for the sounding of reveille?
The installation commander.
Who sets the time for the sounding of retreat?
The installation commander.
How many volleys of rifle fire are cutomary at military funerals?
What type of squad formation is used in counting off?
Line or column formation
How is the comman for counting off in a squad formation executed?
The command is "count, off"
How does the squad execture counting off when in a line formation?
The counting is executed from right to left. On the command of execution "off" each soldier, except the right glank man, turns head and eyes to the right and the right flank troop counts off with one. The next troop counts off his or her number and simultaneously turns his or her head and eyes to the front.
How does a squad count off when in a column formation?
The counting off is executed from front to rear. On the command of execution "off" the soldier at the head of the column turns his head and eyes over the right shoulder and counts off with one. The soldier immediately returns to the position of attention after counting. Every troop executes their numbers in sequence just as the number one troop. The last person in the column does not count off over his or her right shoulder.
How is "counter column, march" executed?
The first squad marches forward three steps. Just beyone 4 squad. Second squad one step. Between third and fourth squad. Third squad two short column lefts. Between third suad and second squad. Fourth squad marches forward two steps. Between first and second squads
What should you do while marking time in formation?
Adjust your position to insure proper alignment and cover, alternately raise each foot
two inches off the ground, allowing your arms to swing naturally.
You are a platoon sergeant and your platoon is in a column of fours. What command
would you use to form the platoon into a column of twos?
To form a column of twos from a column of fours at a halt, the command is
“Column of Twos from the Left, March.”
You are a platoon sergeant and your platoon drills as a separate unit. In a line
formation, what do you do in response to the command “Right Face”?
Execute the movement with the platoon.
After the squad has stacked arms, what would your command to un-stack them be?
“Take Arms”
From what position will the command “Fix Bayonets” be executed?
Order arms only.
Why was drill and ceremonies used by the Army originally and why is it still used
Originally the Army had little or no organization, control, discipline, or teamwork.
Drill established teamwork, pride, alertness, attention to detail, esprit de corps, and
discipline, which are just as important to our modern day Army as they were to the
Continental Army.
In drill and ceremonies, what does cover mean?
Aligning yourself directly behind the man to your immediate front while maintaining
correct distance.
What commands may be given while marching at “Half Step”’?
“Mark Time, March”; “Forward, March”; “Extend, March”; “Halt.”
What is drill?
Drill consists of certain movements by which a unit or individuals are moved in an
orderly uniform manner from one formation to another, or from one place to another.
How many types of intervals are there?
Three (3):
a. Normal interval
b. Close interval
c. Double interval.
What command is given to align the squad, platoon, or other elements?
Dress Right, Dress.
The command of execution for the command “Rear, March” is given on which foot?
The right foot.
When is a leader or commander authorized to give an “All Present or
Accounted For” report?
When he has personal knowledge that those personal not in the formation are
officially authorized to be absent.
Under what conditions do enlisted personnel salute other enlisted personnel?
When reporting to the president of a board or in formation.
What are the only commands used to dismiss armed troops?
“Inspection Arms.”
“Ready, Port Arms.”
What is the proper method to render a salute when marching troops at a double time?
Only the individual in charge assumes a “Quick time, March” and renders the salute.
Where are the Commander, Guidon Bearer, and First Sergeant located in a company
a. Commander - 12 pace to the front and centered.
b. Guidon Bearer- 30 inches to the rear and 2 fifteen inch steps to the left of the
c. First Sergeant-3 steps to the rear of the last rank and centered