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Seth Marrapodi

The Dreamweaver ___ is an integrated environment in which the document window and panels are integrated into one larger application window.

In ___ view, the document window displays the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other server-side language code within a Web page.
A Web ___ is a set of pages on a server that are viewed through a Web browser by a visitor.
A(n) ___ site is a set of files on a server that make up a web site, from the author's point of view.


For most Web sites, the ___ page is named index.

As you drag the ___ button, Dreamweaver displays a line showing the connection between the button and the file link.

Point to file
_____ Lists contain text proceeded by numbered steps.


____ Lists contain text preceded by bullets (dots or other symbols) or image bullets.
A Web page ___ title helps Web site visitors keep track of what they are viewing as they browse.
The ___ command ignores HTML tags.

Check spelling

Seth Marrapodi

CSS stands for ____

Cascading Style Sheets

A(n) ___ is a rule that defines the appearance and position of text and graphics.


Designers typically define a style in a(n) ____ for a Web site and then apply the style to content in many locations throughout the site.

Style Sheet
CSS ___ Specify the layout and format properties that apply to an element.

rule definitions

Every CSS style begins with a(n) ___

A(n) ___ identifies a particular region or division of a page that can be customized.

A(n) ___ identifies the type of formatting to apply.

The ___ tag forms a relationship between the current document and an external style sheet.


A(n) ___ region on a Web page is an area where other Web page authors can change the content.


A(n) ___ is a realistic representation of how a new Web site will look and function when it is fully developed.

You can use the ___ button to increase the contrast of edges in an image.


Seth Marrapodi

You can reduce the dimensions of an image on a Web page by changing the image's width and height or by ___ the image.


___ images are composed of key points and paths, which define shapes and coloring instructions, such as line and fill colors.


A(n) ___, or picture element, is the smallest point in a graphical image.


___ is the legal protection extended to the owners of original published and unpublished images and intellectual works.


Web site ___ is the pathway people take to visit the pages in a site.


A(n) ___ link contains the complete Web site address of the linked resource.
When visitors click a(n) ___ link, their default e-mail program opens a new e-mail message.
The ___ icon is the icon of a ship's wheel; it often appears when you select text or objects on a page that you can click it to display a list of code sources related t the selection.s

Code Navigator

The ___ attribute in the Table dialog box specifies the number of pixels between a cell's border and its contents.
Cell padding
The ___ attribute in the Table dialog box specifies the number of pixels between adjacent table cells.

Cell spacing

The ___ attribute in the Table dialog box specifies whether the top row or first column in a table is designated as a header row or column.


The ___ displays a description of the contents of a table and appears outside of the table


The tag indicates table


The tag indicates table

Press SHIFT+ENTER to insert a(n) ____ within a cell.

Line Break
___ are interactive elements that provide a way for the Web site visitor to interact with the site.

___ identify the type of data users should enter into a form.

A(n) _____ object includes two or more related radio buttons and allows a user to select only one radio button in the group.
Radio group

Seth Marrapodi

A(n) ___ identifies the type of formatting to apply via a selector.