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What are the 4 types of assessment?
Baseline - determines background knowledge

Ongoing - shows student progress

Internal - within school & classroom

External - beyond school & building level
What are the reading stages?
- emergent literacy
- beginning reading
- building fluency
- reading to learn and for pleasure
- mature/critical reading
What are teacher expectations for assessment?
-understand the full range of assessment tools

- know student needs & purpose for assessment
What are the 3 ways of processing print?
Top Down - Reader-based

Bottom Up- Text-based

Interactive - Parallel Processing
What is social promotion?
advancing students who are not proficient
Give a description of standardized assesment:
quantitative, at the formal end of the continuum
Give characteristics of survey tests:
- test basic knowledge
- include math, reading, and vocab.
- timed
- raw score converted to percentile used to compare
Give characteristsics of diagnostic/ minimum competency tests:
- criterion-referenced
- measures a specific skill of criteria
- focus is on mastery (age-appropriate)
- determines strengths and weaknesses
What are 4 things that ensure test validity?
- content validity
- clear directions
- familiar format
- eliminate strange environment
Give uses and misuses of standardized testing:
uses: funding, grade promotion, minimum competency

misuses: funding, limits teacher instruction, biased, focus on product not process
What is the definition of intelligence?
the ability to understand and cope with the world around

total, involves many things
Give a definition of the assessment of intelligence:
a set of standardized questions and taks for assessing an individual's potential for purposeful behavior
What are the 2 parts of the WISC?
verbal and performance scale
Who created the Running Record?
Marie Clay
What are the percentiles and levels for competency in the running record?
Independent - 95-100

Instructional - 90-94

Frustration - below 90
How is fluency scored in the running record?
words students gets correct divided by words in passage
Who is associated with miscues and the IRI?
Kenneth Goodman
What are the percentiles and levels of competency for the IRI?
Independent - w.r. 95-99
comp. - 90

Instructional - w.r. 90-95
comp. 75-90

Frustration w.r. below 90
comp below 75
What are the phases of Literacy Development?
early reading/writing
transitional reading/writing
List characteristics of Emergent Literacy:
- contemporary
- natural flow
- day long immersion in literacy activities
- occurs gradually over time
List characteristics of Reading Readiness:
- traditional
- focus on skills
- sequential order
- occurs in k & 1
- imposed by teacher
What is a grapheme:
a letter combination that represents a single phoneme
What is a morpheme?
the smallest part of a word that has meaning
What is a consonant blend?
two consonants where you can hear both sounds
What is a digraph?
2 vowels or consonants, 1 sound

oa, ie, sh, th, ch
What is a homograph?
same spelling, different meaning

ex. wind, object