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What's the 4 components in a Linear Perspective

Horizon line Vanishing Point Perspective Line Cut Off Line

Horizon Line

Establishes eye level

Vanishing Point

Determines point of view

Perspective Line

Gives depth to an object

Cut-Off Line

Gives dimension to an object

What are two types of lines used in Perspective drawings?

Parallel and Vertical Lines

Parallel Line

Gives edges to your shape and form

Vertical Line

Gives left and right edges

When was Linear Perspective invented?

Early 1400's

Where was Linear Perspective invented?

Florence, Italy

Who invented Linear Perspective


Why was Linear Perspective created?

To capture 3D structures realistically on a flat surface

How did Linear Perspective capture 3D objects?

By establishing a horizon line and using a vanishing point

Who invented Aerial perspective?

Leonardo da Vinci

Who did not want to use Linear Perspective ?

The dutch

What did the Dutch invent?

Emperical Method

What's Emperical method based on?

Observation and Experience

What's Linear Perspective?

A technique to show then illusion of 3D space on a flat surface

Elements of art

Line Shape Form Space Texture Value and Color

Principles of Art

Balance Proportion Emphasis Variety and Unity


Symmetrical Radial and Asymmetrical. Equalizing visual forces/elements in a composition


Size relationship of one part to another


Dominating composition


Contrast of elements or design


Quality of oneness

Who invented Cubism

Picasso and Barque

Where do cubsim start


When did Cubism Start

Between 1909 and 1912

What is cubism?

Art style that breaks up objects into geometric shapes and shows multiple faces of the same object


Earth tone , values, some form, detail and realism, multiple view points


Flat shapes, bright colors, collage, real texture

Summary of Cubism

Geometric shapes, multiple facets, simplest forms, flattened form, interlocking composition


Oil Pastels, Drawing Pencil, Charcoal Pencil, conte chalk, felt tip marker, sketch and wash pencil, ink, and collage