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Principle of Education

Production of more educated workersAmericanizing immigrants

Manifest Function

COnveying basic knowledge and skills to the next genertation, transmission

Latent Function

unintended beneficial consequences of people's actions

Durkheim: Religion


Hidden Circumlum

Unwritten rules & goals of schools, such as teaching obedience to authority and conformity to cultural norms

IQ Quiz

reflect a cultural literacy, not intelligence



Grade Inflation

a rise in the average grade assigned to students; especially: the assignments of grades higher than previously assigned for given level achievement

Reasons: intentional pressure to retain students; Higher grades used to obtain better student evaluations of teaching

Horatio Alger

}1800s Author}Authored fictional books portraying boysovercoming great rags to riches odds.Limitlesspossibilities exist/you can do it/you can make it only if you try and work hard

Latino Families

Headed by married couples

they differ by country of origin

Latinos husband play a stronger role than whites and African Americans. They're is no such thing as Latino family speak little or no English

Romantic Love

Mutal sexual attraction and idealized feelings about one another is addictive

Family of orientation

The family in which an individual grows up

Social class

Large group of people who rank closely too one another in power and prestige


People must marred outside their group

is the incest taboo which prohibits sex and marriage among designated relatives

Female head of hOuse hold

Tend to be poor. Most divorced wine earn less than thier former husband


Represent lingering attachments continue to have positive relationships and may even have sex

Gilbert & tahl

Developed a six tier model to portray the class structure of the United States and other capitaliist countries

discussion starts with the highest rung and moves downward

Co habitation

Adults living together in a sexual relationship with being married


Consist of people who consider themselves related by blood marriage or adoption


Not so effort nest

young men need to leave home after finished school


High and low ranking with property power and prestige

Downward social mobility

going belOw your families social class

Upward mobility

Going above your family social class

intergenerational mobility

When grown up children ends up on a different ring of the social leader from the one occupied by thier parents

Exchange Mobility

When large numbers of people move I'll and siren the social classes ladder but no balance the proportions of the social class domains

Poor Sterotypes

}Most poor are lazy, they’re poor becausethey don’t want to work.}Most of the poor are trapped in a cycleof poverty that few escape.}There is more poverty in rural than urbanareas.}Most African Americans are poor.}Most of the poor are African Americans.}Most of the poor are single mothers.}Most of the poor live on welfare.}On a percentage basis, more children thanadults are poor.

Proverty Explainations

}Three explanations:• Structural• Individual• Poverty Triggers

Structural – theexplanations sociologistspreferthat states that there are features of society that deny some people accesstoeducation or training/job skills. Inequalities and discrimination.Individual –sociologists reject such claims viewing them as stereotypes (laziness and lackof intelligence).PovertyTriggers –lossof job, pregnancy/birth of child, divorce, accident or illness.

Symbolic interalist

}Symbolic interactionist believe thatbeing “old” has no inherent meaning. When we think of the elderly, there is no universal culturally agreedupon meaning. Individual cultures shapeour ideas of the elderly reinforcing the what sociologists say that socialmodifies biological.