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How many doors on the AC?

5 Cabin doors

Cockpit door

A door for each lavatory

Cargo door

How are the Cabin doors operated?




How are the cockpit and the lavatory doors operated?


How is the Cargo door operated?

Manually controlled and hydraulically operated. The cargo door hydraulic system is independent of the aircraft hydraulic system.

The cockpit door has what relief and feature?

Built-in ventilation pressure differential relief.

& Smoke insulation features.

Each door is equipped with what actuating system?

Independent high pressure emergency air reservoir actuating system.

Crew/personnel compartment control panel

3 special things about door 1L

-Ladder can be installed

-Can be open from the outside by the quarter inch drive socket using a drill or manually.

-Contains a security lock and can be locked from the outside when the AC is left unattended.

Slide Inflation Cylinder Low Pressure switch light

Automatically comes on when the inflation cylinder has insufficient pressure to inflate the slide/raft.

How do you test the Slide Inflation Cylinder Low Pressure switch light

The integrity of the Indicator lights and electrical circuit can be tested by pressing the light lens. A faulty circuit is indicated by failure of the light to illuminate when pressed.

Door strap

Doorway Barrier Strap