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What is the typical pattern of amnesia?

- head injury

- forgetting new or old information

- slightly impaired STM and digit span

- some remaining learning ability

Whats the difference between anterograde amnesia and retrograde amnesia?

anterograde = forget new info

retrograde = forget info previously learnt

Define what a dissociation is.
When normal performance on one task (eg. STM task) combined with severely impaired performance on another task (eg. LTM task)
Define double dissociation

When individuals do well on task A and poorly on task B, whereas others show the opposite pattern
Whats the difference between explicit and implicit memory?

explicit = involves conscious recollection of memories

implicit = doesn't depend on conscious recollection

- They tap different forms of memory

Define stochastic independence


Absence of any correlation between two probabilistic events or measures

- If the occurrence of Event A does not change the probability of Event B occurring, then Events A and B are independent.

Whats the formula for stochastic independence?

P(A and B) = P(A) x P(B)
main idea behind transfer-appropriate processing?

LTM is best when the processing performed at the time of test closely resembles that at the time of learning

(focuses more directly on the processes involved)

main assumptions of TAP?


- Overlap between study/test processes critical

- Explicit and implicit tests require different retrieval operations

(Explicit tests: rely on meaning)

(Implicit tests: rely on perceptual operations)

- TAP predicts dissociations along 'mode of processing' not 'type of test'

What is conscious contamination?

(Inadvertent) conscious recollection on implicit tests

- we need to control/eliminate them

-> to find out that implicit tests are actually implicit

Inclusion formula for process dissociation

Exclusion formula " "

R = ?

U = ?

Inclusion = R + (1 – R) x U

exclusion = (1 - R) x U

R = inclusion - exclusion

U = exclusion / (1 - R)