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What are the two joints of the wrist?
Radiocarpal joint and midcarpal joint
What type of joints are the joints of the wrist?
Both joints are synovial
What comprises the radiocarpal joint?
The distal radius, the radioulnar disc and the proximal row of carpal bones (excluding the pisiform)
What comprises the midcarpal joint?
It is between the proximal row of carpals (excluding the pisiform) and the distal row of carpals
Which of the two joints of the wrist accounts for the majority of the movement?
The radiocarpal
What movements is the midcarpal joint best able to conduct?
Flexion and abduction
What is Colle's fracture?
Fracture of distal end of radius due to dorsiflexion
What is the most frequently dislocated bone of the wrist?
What is the most frequently fractured bone of the wrist?
How does mobility of the carpometacarpal joint vary from digit to digit?
Digits 2-4 have little movement

5 has more flexion and lateral rotation during opposition

digit 1 has the most mobility multiaxial
What are the movements of the Mp joints of 2-5?
Biaxial (flexion/ext and aB/aDduct)