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causes of PMS


-excess estrogen in cycle & deficient progesterone or both

-hypothalamic -pituitary dysregulation

-effect of reproductive hormones on brain chemicals (endorphins, melatonin, serotonin)

diagnoses of PMS and PMDD

data from menstrual diary client keeps daily recording of symptoms for at least 2 months

classic finding of PMS or PMDD

symptom free during period between onset of menstruation and ovulation

treatment of PMS depends on

severity and type of symptoms experienced

PMS therapy to manipulate cyclic fluctuation in estrogen and progesterone with these drugs

oral contraceptives


synthetic androgens

GnRH gonadotropin releasing hormones

histrelin (Supprelin) and nafarelin (Synarel)

for only 6 months

remember the client taking NSAID for PMS recommend to

take with food to avoid gastric upset

client who take GnRH analog may experience

vaginal dryness that can make vaginal intercourse painful

loss of bone density mass similiar to osteoporosis

vitamin may reduce breast tenderness PMS

Vitamin E

vitamin to reduce bloating and body aches PMS

1200 mg Calcium divided into 3 doses 3 times a day

vitamin to reduce pain, water retention, and dysphoria (cramps) PMS

400 mg magnesium

vitamin to reduce irritability , fatigue , depression PMS

100 mg of Vit B6

over 500 mg of B6 can cause sensory neuropathy which disappears after the supplement use stops

drugs contain estrogen/progesterone used 5

-suppress ovulation as birth control

-interfere with tubal transport of sperm or fertilized ovum

-suppress embryonic implantation

-relieve symptoms of menstrual disorders

-regulate menstrual cycles

polycystic ovarian syndrome

mulitiendocrine disorder linked to insulin resistance that causes infertility

if an adolescent female experiences infrequent menses

(oligomenorrhea) nurse tells her it is normal if it is within 1 year or more before regular mensus starts

After hysterectomy the nurse counts the number of pads used to determine

the amount of blood loss, looking for SOS of hemmoraghe .

risk of hemorraghe nurse takes BP Q / SOS after hysterectomy

Q 15 minutes if bleeding severe

check for rapid blood pressure fall

check for rapid pulse

why does the nurse record color of blood loss after hysterectomy , risk of and 2

-risk of hemorraghe

-bright red indicates arterial bleeding

-dark blood venous blood

the rational to report excessive blood loss or blood clot signs after hysterectomy 1 & tx 2

-risk of hemmorage,

-blood transfusion maybe required

-IV fluid maybe to prevent shock

After hysterectomy how does the nurse monitor for parlytic ileus or abdominal distention

2 and report 4 things

-palpate abdoment Q 4 hour for rigitity

-encourage early ambulation (dangle legs before, and ambulate as soon as possible)


-abdominal discomfort



-diminished or faint bowel sounds

how does the nurse eliminate gas after hysterectomy to prevent distention of abdominal

maybe a rectal tube would be ordered by physician

to prevent thrombophlebitis after hysterectomy nurse 5

-remove and reapply anitembolism stockings Q 8 hours

-active leg exercises Q 2-4 hours

-assess for calf and leg swelling / tenderness bilaterally Q shift

-do NOT place pillows beneath knees or raise knees with the electric bed

-ambulate as much as possible /tolerated

after hysterectomy the nurse checks for risk of urinary retention by 5

-measure intake /output Q shift

-palpate lower abdomen for distention

-measure volume of each void for small amounts (mean retention)

-encourage liberal fluid intake

-report bladder distention in absence of voiding

risk for disturbed body image related to sexual and physical consequences hysterectomy 3

-give client opportunity to verbalize fears and perceptions

-clarify that hysterectomy does not physically compromise libido or ability to achieve orgasm

-does not cause premature aging, depression or masculinization

taking antibiotics for a long time or repeated courses of antibiotic therapy can lead to

growth of C . albicans , a fungal microbe in vagina

as women age the vagina PH becomes more

alkaline , which predisoses women to infection

contributing factors for older women getting perineal pruritus


-clothing worn

-vaginal discharge

Candida albicans characteristics 4

curdy white discharge


strong odor

burning with urination


Trichomonas vaginalis characteristics 4

yellow white discharge


foul odor

severe itching


gardnerella vaginalis characteristics 4

gray white discharge


fishy odor

more discharge after intercourse


first symptom of vaginal infection

abnormal vaginal discharge

diagnoses of infection made by

distinguising infection

diagnoses made by visual and microscopic exam

characteristics of discharge help determine which type

vaginal infection usually accompanied by 4 of surrounding tissues





of surrounding tissues

atrophic vaginitis remedied by

estrogen replacement administered by topical cream

if a person has vaginitis and DM the nurse must check

that blood glucose is regulated, is important aspect of treatment

The first time a woman has a yeast infection

you should go to doctor to get a medicine, then use OTC drugs after if you get it again . Initial diagnoses should be made by physician

to relieve itching, burning, swelling of vulva and perineum with vagintis recommendation

sitz bath

if you must douch then only

-avoid routing douching when asymptomatic

-to combat vaginitis may use daily solution of 1/2 tbs white vinegar with 1 pint of water for 10-14 days

with vaginitis there is discharge, to keep skin intact you should apply

skin creams containing zinc

for clients who are taking Metronidazole (Flagyl)

advise (trich and bacterial ) 5

-no first trimester of pregnany (give test)

-partner may need to be treated

-administer with food

-avoid alcohol SEVERE REACTION

-darkening of urine may occur

besides head ache , dizziness , N & V , diarrhea

other SE of metronidiazole (Flagyl) 3


-unpleasant metallic taste

-darkening of urine

Clotrimazole, and other azol medications for fungal infections teaching

-obtain culture first

-after inserting in vaginal canal remain recumbent position (lying down) or administer at bedtime

-continue through your period if necessary

-use condom

-wear pad to prevent stain of underwear

-partner made need treatment

SE of azole creams 5


-N & V

-urinary frequency



antibiotic sulfisoxazole (Gantrisin) SE

N & V


abdominal pain


hematuria (blood in urine)

agranulocytosis (def in granulocytes in blood causing risk for infection )

teaching for Sulfoxazole (Gantrisin) antibiotic

-DC if hypersensitivity occurs

-emtpy stomach with full glass of water

-complete all


rash, hematuria, fever, SOB, drowsiness

N & V , diarrhea