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A mastering engineer can do what to turn a great

mix into a completion but simply doing what?

Adjusting the level

A mastering assistant may use what when loading in a project to make minor adjustments


Listening to a mix to determine if there are any obvious problems is called what

Critical Audition

3 things that master engineers may need to properly prepare the music for distribution




How much more dynamic range does 24 bit digital audio have in comparison to vinyl dynamic range?

64 db

Define dither and tell where the dynamic range of 16 bit digital audio that it is applied

intentionally applied value to randomize automation error.... and -91

Define jitter and list two things that you can do to ensure that the effects of jitter are minimized in any studio environment

Timing variations in various sample clocks.

Using proper cables with proper ohm value

Mixes should be delivered at?

-12 RMS and -6 Peak

How does the GML 9500 controls differ from other EQs

It is stepped for accuracy

Digital sample can't exceed 0dbfs. When the standard 3 consecutive samples reach that limit, the converter or meter will display in red. But how many samples will trigger the Apogee Rossetta to display a red light?


What is the K14 Metering/monitoring method?

What would the -dbfs for Digidesign hardware?

-14 dbfs = 0 VU = 85 Dbspl

For digidesign: -18dbfs = 0 VU = 85 Dbspl

What kind of monitors would you use for the following:

Tracking / Mixing

Mastering Studio / Listening Room

Mastering Assistant / Load-In Room

A. Nearfield Monitors

B. 3 way passive

C. Headphones

Any good listening environment will have what type of frequency response?

Broad and flat

What is the name of the specialist that uses scientific design and planning to achieve a perfect listening environment?


Mastering engineers will use what type of EQ to add the last bits of high frequency detail to a mix?

Shelf EQ @16kHz and boost it by .5db

Diffuser pannels positioned behind the listening position will often reduce what?

Comb filter

Where is a common place to set the crossover on the low end to begin calibration and placement testing?


What is the process of adding details such as song titles, royalty collection, codes, artist info, etc.

PQ Coding

Amps are usually overpowered for the speakers for what reason?

High wattage = more headroom = low distortion rate

S/PDIF digital connection requires cabling and termination with what and what kind of connector?

75 ohms of resistance / impedance and a RCA connector

AEU/EBU digital connection requires cabling and termination with what and what kind of connector?

110 ohms XLR

Analog audio connection requires cabling and termination with what?

0 ohms of resistance / impedence

What are Bob Katz's 3 ear training exercises?

Recognize Frequency Ranges

Learn the effects of bandwidth limiting

Learn to identify comb filter

"a great monitor in a bad room will do absolutely nothing for you"

Bob Ludwig