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the third generation of mobile network technology with improved speeds in comparison to EDGE. 3G allows for mobile streaming and improved Internet connection speeds
software which in this case is developed specifically for smartphones and other mobile phones
Augmented reality
variation of virtual reality which takes computer graphics and superimposes them into reality - the physical space around the person operating an AR device, these graphics can be 3D images or simply information tags about a location
a short distance wireless transfer protocol for connecting devices
common short codes (CSC)
special number or codes that can be used to address SMS and MMS messages from mobile phones or fixed phones, usually to get something in return
display network
publishing networks for marketers, allowing them to pay for adverts aimed at the network's already existing customer group in a variety of ways
used to allow you to see where your visitors are geographically and to give them specific information relevant to their location
multimedia message service (MMS)
an extension of SMS, allows picture, sound or low quality videos to be sent on a wireless network
QR code
aka 2D barcode, scannable barcodes which can be read by certain mobile application
Short Message Service
text messages that can be sent to mobile phones from the internet or from other mobile device
unstructured supplementary service data (USSD)
works on all existing GSM phones, provides session-based communication, enabling a variety of application
wireless application protocol (WAP)
a technical set of communication standards for the way wireless devices connect with the internet
the transfer of information from one device to another over a distance without the use of wires
a comment or instruction (usually added as text) to a youtube video, may contain links directing users to other pages within youtube, or if a brand is willing to, outside websites
google adwords
google's main advertising product and primary source of revenue, offers pay per click (PPC) advertising, cost per thousand (CPM) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for text, banner, vido, and rich-media ads
instream videos
a video advertisement that plays before the start of the actual selected video, ~15-30 secs
promoted videos
an advertising solution which allows users to promote their video content within the youtube website
search engine results page (SERP)
the page that shows the results for a search on a search engine
social media optimization (SMO)
the process of methodizing social media activity with the intent of attracting visitors to specific website content
the still image that is shown at the start of the video, can be selected and can make a video more enticing
the number of times a video has been seen, multiple views can come from one user
video syndication
the manner in which you attain optimum distribution and search coverage for your videos, can include multiple facets of optimized distribution
viral video
a video that becomes immensely popular, leading to its spread through word of mouth on the internet via email, social networks and other hosting websites
video search engine optimisation (VSEO)
optimizing videos for search engines, similar to how one would optimize a website
short for application; a mobile app is a software program designed to complete a specific set of functions on a specific and make of phone
basic phone
has a numerical keypad, severely limited data storage, little to no Internet capabilities and a low quality display
cascading style sheets (CSS)
a language used to describe how an HTML document should be formatted, the provide the ability to separate the layout and styles of a web page from the data or information displayed on the page
compact hypertext markup language (CHTML)
a version of HTML for mobile and other limited hardware
a function which allows the mobile user to click on a link to make a telephone call
enhanced data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE)
a mobile phone technology that allows for faster speeds than that of a basic GSM network
feature phone
can include a camera, radio, limited storage capacity and low-end online capabilities
global system for mobile communication (GSM)
the most basic mobile network, it is the most widely used network in the world ~80%
smart phone
can be considered a mobile computer as it offers many of the same features
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
the leaders in web standards and best practices for a long time and have now expanded to include the mobile web
this refers to the most often used modern day keyboard layout
Business to business (B2B)
When businesses sell products'services to other businesses and not to consumers
Business to consumers (B2C)
when sell products/services to consumers
call to action (CTA)
a phrase written to motivate the reader to take action
customer relationship management (CRM)
a strategy for managing a company's interactions with clients and potential clients, often makes use of technology to automate the sales, marketing, customer service, and technical processes of the organization
the list of prospects to which emails are sent, contains additional information pertinent to the prospects
domain name system (DNS)
converts a domain name to an IP address
email authentification system designed to verify the DNS domain of an email sender and the message integrity
double opt-in
the act of getting subscribers to confirm their initial subscription via a follow up email asking them to validate their address and hence opt-in again
hard bounce
the failed delivery of email communication due to an undeviating reason like a non-existent address
house list
email database a company generates itself without purchasing or renting names
hyperText markup language (HTML)
certain "tags" are used to structure the information and features within a web page, these emails usually contain graphics and can be interactive
Internet protocol (IP) address
an exclusive member which is used to represent every single computer in a network
internet service provider (ISP)
the company providing you access to the internet
open rate
the percent of emails determined as opened out of the total number of emails sent
to give permission for emails to be sent to you
aka unsubscribe, the act of removing oneself from a list or lists so that specified information is no longer received via email
sender ID
a method used by major ISPs to confirm that emails do originate from the domain from which it claims to have been sent
simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)
a protocol for sending messages from one server to another
soft bounce
the failed delivery of an email due to a deviating reason like an overloaded mail box or a server failure
email sent to someone who has not requested to receive it
sender policy framework
an extension of SMTP that stops email spammers from forging the "From" fields in an email
these emails do not contain graphics or any kind of markup
unique forwarders
the number of individuals who forwarded a specific email on
white list
a list of accepted email addresses that an ISP, a subscriber or other email service provider allows to deliver messages regardless of spam filter settings
affiliate or publisher
markets the products of the merchant
click on a link that lead to another website
the bounty paid by a merchant to an affiliate when the affiliate makes a successful referral
parcels of text sent by a server to a web browser and then sent back unchanged by the browser each time it accesses that server, used for authenticating, tracking, and maintaining specific information about users, such as site preferences or the contents of their electronic shopping carts
cost per action (CPA)
paid when a certain action is performed by a user
cost per click (CPC)
paid when a link is clicked upon
cost per lead (CPL)
commission structure where the affiliate earns a fixed fee for a lead sent to a merchant
cost per thousand (Mil) (CPM)
amount paid for every 1000 views of an advertisement
merchant or advertiser
the owner of the product that is being marketed or promoted
the URL of the web page that a user was at before reaching yours, the server's logs capture referral URLs and store them in their log files
revenue share
commission structure where the affiliate earns a percentage of a sale
return on investment
the session of activity that a user with a unique cookie spends on a website during a specified period of time
refers to the visitors that visit a website
universal resource locator (URL)
unique address that identifies a website
eXtensible markup language (XML)
promises more standardized and organized delivery of data over the internet