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diaphoretic -definition

sudorifics- definition
they cause perspiration but are not visible or intensely felt as sudorific-they influence surface primarily - ultimately whole circulation is affected
-agents that produce heavy and visible perspiration
what herbal injection is effective in convulsion?
infusion of Catnep will help overcome convulsions, also helpful in the restlessness and colic of children
difference between relaxing and stimulating diaphoretics
relaxing diaphoretic-
dry skin, system hot,pulse full
stimulating diaphoretic-
skin cold, heart pulse weak
name some diaphoretic
Pleurisy root
Horehound herb
Hyssop herb
Sage leaves
Bergamont leaves
Blessed Thistle
Lemon Balm
Burdock root
Anise seed
Elder flowers
Pennyroyal herb

1/2 oz Yarrow (diaph)
1/2 oz Elderberry flowers(diap
1/2 oz Bergamot leaves(diaph)
1/2 oz Mullein leaves (demulc)
1/2 oz Dandelion root (laxati)
name some sudorific
Jamaican Ginger
Bayberry bark
Yarrow stems and leaves
Blackpepper berries
Canada snake root
Sage leaves

1/2 oz yarrow stems and leaves
1/2 oz bayberry bark
1/2 oz sage leaves
1/2 oz peppermint leaves
which herb influence specially sebaceous glands
Burdock seeds (Arctium lappa)
Sunflower seeds (Sem Helianthus annus)
should be given in hot infusion
some physiological results of the use of diaphoretics
diaphoresis -restore health by enlarging the diameter of the superficial capillaries and maintaing a free flow of blood
uses of Yarrow
used for cold and fevers in children and adults, useful in
measles and all eruptive diseases
chronic dysentery and diarrhea
and affections of mucous surfaces of internal organs
what would you combine with Hyssop for measles
name good relaxing diaphoretic
with Hyssop combine Marigold flowers, they are soothing for skin
good relaxing diaphoretic is Pleurisy root (asclepias tub)
valuable agent for night sweats?
Boneset or Indian Sage (eupatorium perfolatum)- boil the herb in water, make a strong decoction, then evaporate it down to a solid extract and make into pills
good nervine in nervous excitement and delirium of fevers
The Garden Sage (Salvia officinalis) -make infusion of 1/2 oz to one pint of hot or boiling water
which herb will prevent milk forming, and which one will promote secretion of milk
Sage tea given in cold infusion will, within a few days cause the milk to leave breasts and prevent milk from forming
Holy Thistle - cold infusion is a most reliable agent in production of milk supply
what is almost specific for whooping cough and how to use it?
Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)-
make infusion of 1 oz to a pint of boiling water. Cover and keep warm. For kids add a little honey or sugar and give in small doses
poultice for neuralgia
Chamomile flowers and 3 broken Poppy heads -pour on sufficient boiling water to make into poultice, apply as hot as possible for pain and swelling
vomiting in pregnancy or otherwise?
weak infusion of Spearmint (Mentha spicata) given warm will be often all that is needed.
for persistent vomiting
1/2 oz Spearmint (Mentha vir)
2 dr Cloves (syzygium)
2 dr cinnamon inner bark
2 dr Rhubarb rhizome (Rheum)
infuse in one pint of boiling water, strain and give wineglassfull (3-4 tablespoonfuls) every 30 minutes- may be sweetened with sugar if desired