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Destruction of bone often by an infection

-Most commonly bacteria

(Pyogenic- staphylococcus)

Other types include: TB, skeletal, fungal

Radiographic findings of acute osteomyelitis

-Cortical bone destruction (moth-eaten)

-New bone formation

-ST swelling & focal osteoporosis

Codman's triangle

-Area of new bone created after a lesion;

-Associated with a tumour (often malignant)

-Pseudo-triangle on radiograph

Brodie's abscess

(sub-acute osteomyelitis)

Pus-filled cavity surrounded by a wall of fibrous tissue

Usually found in metaphysis of long bones, Distal/proximal tibia, distal/proximal femur, radius

Chronic osteomyelitis

Unresolved osteomyelitis, most common in the tibia

Severe, persistant,recurring infection of bone marrow

Majorlin's ulcer

Aggressive, ulcerating squamous cell carcinoma

Chronic osteomyelitis --> Majorlin's ulcer

--> malignant degeneration of squamous cell lining of the cloaca

Sequestra & Involucra

Sequestrum= dead bone separated during necrosis

Involucra= new bone, allow for debris and exudates (creates better blood flow through the bone)

Infectious arthritis

-Result of a haematogenous seeding of synovial membrane from an infected source

Sub divided into;

-Pyogenic (septic) arthritis (Stephylococcal)

-Non-pyogenic arthritis (Mycobacterium TB)

Tom Smith's arthritis

-Affects joints that metaphysis within joint capsule

-Rapid development of osteomyelitis

-Large, lone bones are affected

-Can spread to epiphysis via synovial fluid

Gas Gangrene

Also known as 'clostridial myonecrosis' and 'Myonecrosis'

-Bacterial infection

-Produces gas in the tissue

-Medical emergency

Tuberculosis (Non-pyogenic)

-Insidious onset

-1st-3rd decade

-Stiffness, local pain, decreased ROM

-Thoraco-lumbar spine, knee, hip

Tuberculosis spondylitis: Pott's disease

Infection with Vertebral body & VD involvment

-Results in collapse of VB, results in kyphotic change, known as 'gibbus deformity'

Cold abscess

Late stage of TB, large paraspinal abscess is formed without severe pain

Caused by epidural granulation tissue and bony fragments (snowflakes), lead to cord compression

Spider rib's

TB spondylitis creates shortening in the Tx resulting with a deformity in the ribs

Vertebra plana/pancake vertebra

When a VB loses its height, representing a crush fracture. Caused by TB spondylitis, osteomyelitis

Psoas abscesses

(necrotic debris) frequently calcify in a snowflake

Tubercular arthropathy

-Inflammation without puss

-Commonly at the hip and knee


-Cartilage destruction and marginal erosion

Phemister's triad (tubercular arthritis)

1. Progressive and slow joint space narrowing

2.Juxta-articular osteopenia/osteoprosis

3.Peripheral erosive defects of the articular surface