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- Buisness groups began encourage military intervention, adopt intensive fascist mobilization

-Dos santos, Jose Nun, James Petras see underlying cause of coups in this period as response by US and L America ruling elite to threat of revo

- primary blame placed on political elites, party leaders

- many factors of regime breakdown in brazil, goulart gov failed due to:

1. Vested interest of politicians in mtn of regime for their careers

2. goulart overthrow inhib by the fact he was elected by civies as prez, he was legit

- Mid march 64', Goulart decided to resolve political crisis by attempting to change balacne of power, rally held in Rio

- Put military in as many positions as poss, appt new service chiefs when old ones did not agree with him

- Weakness of strat, left was fragged, unmobilized to support, leftist candidate Miguel Arraes, knew goulart attempted to keep him under cnt by appt anti commie generals

- Leader of commie party, luis Carlos Prestes was ambivalent about goulart, feared that if goulart carried off a leftist coup, goulart might not keep promise to legalize commie party

-Goulart launched maj attack on power holders, did not make it feasible, no support

- alienated potential allies, generated wide fear that goulart gov might result in postpone of national elections or change in rules

- Pressure to overthrow goulart building, he had some officers on his side but most were legalistic

- at the mutiny, goulart was indecisive of his course

- last moments, goulart ran, gave power to chief army aide

- impact of naval mutiny on 26th march, most goulart supporters in mil did not join opposition but no one really defended it