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Why is Philadelphia an important port city?
It is located on the Delaware river in deep water. It is protected from the Atlantic Ocean and ships can go from there all over the world.
Large rivers that have other smaller rivers, creeks or streams that flow into them?
River Systems
What is a make believe line called?
The average weather a place receives over time is known as?
A state that borders PA to the north is?
New York
The number of people who live in a certain area is known as?
Population Density
Philadelphia is located in which region of PA?
Atlantic Coastal Plain
A process by which mountains are formed by the Earth's surface pushing upward?
In what part of the country is PA located?
Something you can see and feel in the outdoor environment each day?
What waterform shares a border with PA?
Lake Erie
Places where many home are build near or outside a city?
Name 3 different kinds of trees and 3 kinds of animals that can be found in our state?
Trees: oak, maple, birch
Animals: deer, bear, squirrel
Large masses of moving ice are called?
Name the 6 states that share borders with PA?
New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio.
How high the land is from the sea or ocean is called?
Sea Level
Explain the difference between weather and climate?
Weather is what you feel and see every day. Climate is the weater over time.
A large mass of land?
The amount of rain that falls