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Founder who selected the Delta mottoes; a member of the Repertory Playhouse Associates of New York as a student and actress; had a role in “Between Two Worlds” at the Belasco Theatre on Broadway; while Directress of the American Negro Theatre, she directed a play, “Days of Our Youth” in which Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte made their dramatic debuts; taught dramatics at Bennett College in Greensboro, NC and was the Directress of the Harlem School of the Arts
Osceola McCarthy Adams:
was a constant supporter of Alpha Chapter’s activities and projects
Marguerite Young Alexander:
First Custodian of Alpha Chapter; first Black social worker with the New York City and New York County Charities; went to Jacksonville, FL where she became a social worker for “Color Indigents” with the Duval County Welfare Board
Winona Cargile Alexander:
First Vice President of Alpha Chapter; first black teacher in Richmond County, NY; professor at Delaware State College, Dover, DE; was extremely active in community and civic affairs, Charter Member of the Queens (NY) Alumnae Chapter; was unreachable for about three years while living with Benjamin and Theresa Hines
Ethel Cuff Black
The only Black student to enroll in Montrose High School where she later became the valedictorian; in 1980 marched through the streets of Seattle with supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment in honor of the suffragettes; in 1981 at the age of 92 she led 10,000 Deltas in a march down Washington, D.C.’s Pennsylvania Ave. to commemorate the Founder’s participation in the suffrage march in 1913; was honored on her 100th birthday in Seattle as a centenarian in a state also observing its 100th anniversary; worked with Seattle YWCA and was a Charter Member of the Christian Friends for Racial Equality; honored by the Metropolitan YWCA and the Washington State Human Rights Commission
Bertha Pitts Campbell:
First Reporter for Alpha Chapter; very active in college affairs; one of two seniors featured in the Crisis Magazine in 1913; moved to California where she began singing with a chorus, doing background music for movies; she also did backup singing for television shows; attended business college at night while working daytimes as a security officer for the Department of Employment for the State of California
Zephyr Chisom Carter:
Arts and Science major who was president and valedictorian of her graduating class; was a quiet and effective member of Alpha Chapter committees; married Frank Coleman, one of the Founders of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
Edna Brown Coleman
: First Recording Secretary of Alpha Chapter; instrumental in integrating the Galveston Public School System; the city recognized her contributions by placing her portrait on permanent display in the Texas Cultural Archives
Jessie McGuire Dent
First Sergeant-At-Arms of Alpha Chapter; name was spelled wrong with a “k” on the Certificate of Incorporation of Delta Sigma Theta; helped establish a YWCA for Black women in Dallas TX, and was Director of the Emergency Relief Station for Blacks in her home town; a Charter Member of the Dallas Alumnae Chapter
Frederica Chase Dodd
First President of both Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and its first chapter Alpha Chapter on the Howard University campus; became active in the NAACP and the National Council of Negro Women, and chartered the San Antonio (TX) Alumnae Chapter; Co-Chairman of the 19th National Convention in San Antonio; in 1963, co-chaired Delta’s Golden Anniversary Celebration, which was addressed by President John F. Kennedy
Myra Davis Hemmings
A constant supporter of the Alpha Chapter; was an accomplished pianist who taught school in Washington, D.C
Olive John