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In planning care for a client with a platelet count of 8,000 and a WBC of 8,000 the nurse can expect to?
1. remove flowers form the room
2. encourage fresh fruit & vegetables
3. use strict hand washing techniques
4. take clients temperature frequently
2 fresh fruits and vegs will help with constipation which could cause bleeding
clients problem is a low platelet count
In evaluating the clients with cancer what best indicates that the nutritional status is adequate?
1. calorie intake
2. stable weight
3. amount of nausea & vomiting
4. serum protein levels
2 stable weight indicates adequate nutritional status
The nurse is teaching a client with WBC of 1,400.Which statement made by client indicates an understanding of the teaching.
1. i will eat fresh fruits and vegs to avoid constipation
2. i will stay away from my cat
3. I will avoid crowded places
4, I will wash all my fruits and vegs before i eat them
3 crowded places predispose client to infections
The nurse is caring for a client who is receiving chemotherapy is concerned about the clients nutritional status. What should the nurse encourage the client to do?
1. increase the amount of spices in the food.
2. avoid red meats
3. Medicate with compazine before meals
4. eat foods at hot temperatures
1. taste buds are affected will improve flavor
food should be served at warm or room temp
The nurse is caring for a client who is being treated for cancer. Which question by the client indicates the client is not ready for teaching.
1. Am I going to lose all my hair?
2 Should i get a second opinion?
3 Will this make me really sick?
4 Will I have to stop exercising at the gym
2 Should I get a second opinion?
Indicates denial of illness