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After Independence , the responsibility of defence of country came on to MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, headed by a minister of cabinet rank.

Prior independence Defence Department was responsible.

Who holds the executive responsibility for national defence ?

Union Cabinet of which Defence minister is an important member.

Headquarters of all the forces are located in ................

New Delhi

What are the four departments of ministry of defence ?

1 Department of defence

2 Department of defence production

3 Department of defence research and. production

4 Department of ex servicemen welfare

KARGIL REVIEW committee lead to the establishment of following for structures which are :-

1 Integrated Defence staff

2 Defence acquisition council

3 Defence intelligence council

4 Strategic force command

5 Andaman and Nicobar Command

Who was the first Indian Chief of Staff ?

General K M Cariappa

Indian army is organised into SEVEN commands of which SIX are regional command and one training command

Each command is headed by a officer of General Lieutenant rank known as General Officer Commanding in Chief ( GOCinc ).

The seven commands of army are

Who was the only person to have been appointed to the rank of Field Marshal whole still a serving officer ?

Sam Manekshaw in 1973

Indian air force was established in

8th October 1932