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What was the olive branch petition and how was it received by king George the third
Last chance at peace with England
What were the main accomplishments expressed by the second continental congress
Printed money, post office, the continental army
What were the central ideas and grievances expressed on the Declaration of Independence
They wanted to be free and not one country
How did john locke's theory of natural rights influence the I.D.
Cokes natural rights are mentioned in the I.D. as life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
What is the concept of the social contract
Governments are made by men governments are to protect life liberty, pursuit of happiness, if they don't you have the r get to rebele
What are the main ideals established in the Declaration of Independence
Social contract theory life, liberty and pursuit of happiness sometimes it is ness arch to rebolt
What were the contributions of Thomas Jefferson and the committee of five in drafting the I.D.
Thomas Jefferson is the one who wrote the I.D. The other 5 edited it.
Wat are the natural rights listed in there parathion and what is their origin?
Life liberty, pursuit of happiness
According to the declaration why are governments formed
To protect the citizens rights
According to the declaration why are governments get it power
The people