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Abbe' de L'Epee

-He was a French priest who founded the world's first public school for the deaf in paris

-he added to the natural signs and invented "signes methodiques"

Abbe' Sicard

- successor of abbe' de l'epee

- continued his work and research

laurent clerc

-worked with thomas hopkins to merge french sign with old american indigenous signs = ASL

-deaf teacher from france

-helped establish school for deal in hartford, CN

-helped establish many other schools

mason cogswell

- had a deaf daughter, first school for the deaf in america

- helped finance T.H.Gallaudet's trip to Europe and the american school for the deaf

alice cogswell

deaf child that inspired Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet

- minister who took interest in deaf education

-studied deaf education practices in europe

-worked w/ laurent clerc to form ASL

-helped establish american school for the deaf in Connecticut

alexander graham bell

- hero of the oral method

- wanted to ban sign language

- deaf wife

- didn't think deaf people should marry

- invented the telephone

Samuel Heinicke

-military officer who established oral schools in germany

- his methods were secret and died with him

Thomas Braidwood

-he and his family made schools for the deal using oral methods

- they were secretive and controlling with their methods

William Stokoe

- his linguistic research showed ASL to be a true language

- english prof at Gallaudet

Edward miner Gallaudet

- first president of Gallaudet College

- he was hearing, his mother was deaf

- he was a CODA and native user of ASL