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Which are the true ribs?
the first 7 ribs
Which are the false ribs?
the lower 5 ribs
Which are the floating ribs?
The last 2 ribs (11 & 12) are
the floating ribs.

They are also false ribs
What does the Spinal accessory nerve innervate?
the sternocleidomastoidius
What do the intercostal nerves innervate?
Internal & External Obliques
Rectus Abdominus
What does the Phrenic nerve innervate?
the diaphragm
How is passive respiration accomplished?
descent of the diaphragm

relaxation of the diaphragm
How is active respiration accomplished?
external intercostals
for inspiration

internal intercostals
abdominal muscles
for expiration
How is the hip joint formed?
The hip joint is formed by the
articulation of the head of
the femur with the fossa known
as the acetabulum
The femur articulates distally with the _______ to form the knee joint
the _____ condyles articulate with the ______ condyles to form the knee joint.
The common distal attachement for the quadriceps is the ________.
tibial tuberosity
Another name for the kneecap.
attachments of the Psoas Major?
lumbar vertebrae
lesser trochanter
Attachments of the Iliacus?
anterior surface of ilium
lesser trochanter
Attachments of the pectineus?
pubis --> femur
longest muscle in the body?

what are its attachments?

attaches to
ASIS --> medial tibia
What are the muscles that make up the quadriceps?
Rectus Femorus
Vastus Lateralis
Vastus Intermedius
Vastus Medialis
Attachments of the Rectus Femoris?
anterior inferior iliac spine
tibial tuberosity
via the patellar tendon
Attachments of the Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL)?
lateral epicondyle of femur
head of fibula
What three muscles make up the hamstrings?
Biceps Femoris,
What is the common proximal attachment of the hamstrings?
ischial tuberosity
of the pelvis
What is the distal attachment for the biceps femoris?
Fibular head
What is the distal attachment for the semitendinosus & semimembranosous?
tibeal head
What are the attachements for the gluteus medius & gluteus minimus?
ilium --> greater trochanter
What is the common attachment for all of the medial hip adductors?
what are the 5 medial adductors of the hip?
Adductor Magnus
Adductor Brevis
Adductor Lingus
Adductor Magnus
Where does the adductor magnus terminate?
the adductor tubercle
Attachment of the Gracilis?
attaches to pubis
Action of Psoas Major?
Hip flexion
Action of Iliacus?
Hip Flexion
Action of Pectineus?
Hip Flexion
Action of Sartorius?
Hip flexion
Action of Rectus Femoris?
Hip Flexion
Action of TFL?
Hip abduction
Actions of Gluteus Maximus?
Hip extension
Hip abduction
Action of Hamstrings?
(Biceps Femoris, Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus)
Hip extension
Action of gluteus medius & minimus?
Hip Abduction
Actions of Adductor longus & brevis
Hip adduction
Actions of adductor magnus
Hip adduction
Action of Gracilis?
Hip adduction
Attachments of Medial Collateral Ligament?
medial meniscus
Attachments of the popliteus?
lateral femoral condyles
posterior tibia below condyles
Which three muscles attach to calcaneus?
Attachments of plantaris?
femur --> calcaneus
Acion of the "Vastus Brothers"?
knee extension
The ankle (talocrural) joint is formed by the articulation of the ___ & ___ with the ___ bone of the foot.
the ___ articulates with the ____ to form the subtalar joint.
distal attachment of the achilled tendon?
Another name for the Medial collateral ligament of the ankle?
deltoid ligament
What movements are provided by the subtalar joint?
inversion & eversion
of the ankle
What movement is provided for by the talocrural (ankle joint)?
dorsi & plantar
Attachments of Gastrocnemius?
Femoral Condyle --> calcaneus
via the achilles tendon
Attachments of the Soleus?
shaft of tibia & fibula
calcaneus via
the achilles tendon
Actions of the tibialis anterior?
dorsiflexion & inversion
of foot
Actions of the Extensor Digitorum Longus?
Dorsiflexion of foot
Toe extension
Actions of the Extensor Hallicus Longus?
Toe Extension
Actions of the Peroneus Longus & Brevis?
Eversion of the foot
Actions of the gastrocnemeus?
Plantar flexion
Actions of the Soleus?
Plantar Flexion
Actions of the flexor digitorum longus?
toe flexion
Actions of the tibialis posterior?
Actions of the Flexor Hallicus Longus
toe flexion
Actions of the Extensor Digitorum Brevis?
Toe extension
Gluteal nerve innervates?
Sciatic nerve innervates?
posterior thigh
(ham strings)
What is the largest nerve in the body?
sciatic nerve
What nerves make up the sciatic nerve?
common peroneal nerve
tibial nerve
The Femoral Nerve innervates?
anterior hip and thigh
(includes quads)
Obturator Nerve innervates?
all medial adductors
of the hip
Tibial Nerve innervates?
Posterior lower leg
Deep Peroneal Nerve innervates?
anterior lower leg & foot
The common peroneal nerve divides into?
deep and superficial
peroneal nerves
The superficial peroneal nerve innervates?
lateral lower leg
(peroneal muscles)
The popliteal artery is a contiuation of the ____ artery.
The posterior tibeal artery is a continuation of the ___ artery.