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at løbe
to run
at ramme
to hit
at flytte
to move
at smage
to taste
at deponere
to deposit
at koge
to boil
at synge
to sing
at beholde
to keep
at sy
to sew
at kradse
to scratch
at arve
to inherit
at skinne
to shine
at ignorere
to ignore
at hade
to hate
at plage
to bother
at skjule
to hide
at forandre, at veksle
to change
at ydmyge
to humiliate
at dadle
to blame
at efterligne
to imitate
at beregne
to calculate
at se efter
to look for
at flyde over
to overflow
at varme
to heat
at koge, at lave mad
to cook
at berolige
to calm
at charmere
to charm
at campere
to go camping
at dyrke
to cultivate
at hviske
to whisper
at jage
to hunt
at undslippe
to escape
at ruinere
to ruin
at tro
to believe
at snakke, at tale
to talk, to speak
at spise
to eat
at importere
to import
at give efter
to give in
at iagttage
to observe
at fejre
to celebrate
at bruge
to spend
at synke
to sink
at udtrykke
to express
at fange
to catch
at oplyse
to inform
at skrige
to scream
at slagte
to slaughter
at ordne
to fix
at bygge
to build
at stryge
to iron
at rense
to clean
at beskadige
to injure
at hvile
to rest
at falde
to drop
at drikke
to drink
at levere
to deliver
at beklage
to regret
at samle op, at hente
to pick up
at have
to have
at takke
to thank
at vise sig
to appear
at absorbere, at indsuge
to absorb
at bemyndige, at autorisere
to authorize
at beskytte
to protect
at bade
to bathe
at genkende
to recognize
at sluge
to swallow
at dykke
to dive
at lugte
to smell
at straffe
to punish
at overbevise
to convince
at vokse
to grow
at indse, at realisere
to realize
at bekymre sig
to worry
at feje
to sweep
at tage afsted, at efterlade
to leave
at opfinde
to invent
at acceptere
to accept
at tage
to take
at forberede
to prepare
at kreditere
to credit
at kaste
to throw
at modtage
to receive
at love
to promise
at fortjene
to deserve
at regne
to rain
at tilbyde
to offer
at bebo
to occupy
at invitere
to invite
at lege, at spille
to play
at male
to grind
at risikere
to risk
at modificere
to modify
at betale
to pay
at veje
to weigh
at stikke
to stick
at distrahere
to distract
at vare
to last
at vise
to show
at ledsage
to accompany
at tillade
to allow
at give
to give
at standse, at stoppe
to stop
at stave
to spell
at vande
to water
at sove
to sleep
at vide, at kende
to know
at reservere
to reserve
at meddele
to communicate
at tvivle
to doubt
at betro
to confide to
at forsvinde
to disappear
at bestille
to order
at sammenligne
to compare
at rede
to comb
at dele, at dividere
to divide
at blande sammen
to mix up
at polere, at pudse
to polish
at gribe
to grab
at redde
to rescue
at se, at se ud
to look
at undskylde
to apologize
at ende, at drage en slutning
to conclude
at bide
to bite
at annullere
to cancel
at ringe
to ring
at ankomme
to arrive
at koste
to cost
at benytte sig af
to take advantage of
at vide hvordan
to know how
at tabe
to lose
at skabe
to create
at grave
to dig
at glemme
to forget
at kysse
to kiss
at akkreditere
to accredit
at tilgive
to forgive
at dele
to share
at rive
to tear
at lytte
to listen
at skrive
to write
at byde velkommen
to welcome
at beskylde
to accuse
at forstyrre
to disturb
at nummerere
to number
at adlyde
to obey
at handle
to trade
at danse
to dance
at barbere sig
to shave
at pakke
to wrap
at skynde sig
to hurry up
at viske ud
to erase
at forsvare
to defend
at elske, at holde af
to love
at bringe
to bring
at more sige
to have fun
at adskille
to separate
at svare
to answer
at huske
to remember
at rulle
to roll
at tilpasse
to suppose
at tilpasse
to adapt
at formode
to suppose
at vogte, at iagttage
to watch
at tilbede
to adore
at eksportere
to export
at overdrive
to exaggerate
at dreje af for, at lukke
to turn off
at sende
to send
at beundre
to admire
at adoptere
to adopt
at ende
to finish
at vinde
to win
at smigre
to flatter
at lukke
to close
at slutte, at ende
to end
at forlange
to demand
at le
to laugh
at blive vred
to get angry
at stakke, at stable
to stack
at studere
to study
at komme
to come
at agitere
to agitate
at rejse
to travel
at bo, at leve
to live
at arbejde
to work
at telefonere, at ringe
to telephone
at ligne, at se ud til
to look like
at klappe, at prise
to applaud
at dekorere, at pynte
to decorate
at blive gammel
to get old
at bytte
to exchange
at holde
to hold
at helbrede, at kurere
to cure
at blive
to stay, to become
at gentage
to repeat
at oplyse
to inform
at smile
to smile
at fylde
to fill
at give tilbage
to give back
at se
to see
at glide
to slide
at tvinge
to force
at kalde, at ringe
to call
at blande
to mix
at savne
to miss
at finde
to find
at falde
to fall
at leje
to rent
at blive gift
to get married
at bestemme
to decide
at dontrollere
to check
at snyde
to cheat
at arrangere, at ordne
at advare
to warn
at jage
to chase
at flyve
to fly
at springe
to jump
at lande
to land
at reagere
to react
at binde
to tie
at balancere
to balance
at stege
to fry
at krydre
to season
at virke, at operere
to operate