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Briefly describe the ice protection system on the DA42.
It's a ‘Weeping wing’ system certified for known icing that distributes a thin film of deicing fluid over the:
-Horizontal/Vertical Stabilizers
What are some of the characteristics of the de-ice fluid?
It is glycol based with additives.

Approved fuids are:
-AL-5 (DTD 406B)
-Aeroshell Compound 07

Note: Use of non-approved fluids can damage the system and provide inadequate protection.
How much does the de-ice fluid weigh per gallon?
9.2 lbs / gal
Describe the de-ice fluid tank.
It's a 7.9 gallon tank located in the nose section. It has a low level sensor that warns when there is 45 minutes remaining at the "normal" operating setting.
Does the nose baggage area maximum weight change depending on the de-ice tank level?
No, max baggage area weight in the nose is 66lbs independent of deicing fluid level.
What is the total weight of the de-icing tank with full fluid?
72.7 lbs
How does the de-icing fluid get from the tank to the airframe and propellers?
-There are 2 main pumps which feed the deicing fluid to 2 filters, then on to the 3 proportioning units.
-The 3 proportioning units regulate the flow via capillaries to the porous panels and the propeller slinger rings.
How many proportioning units are there? Where are they located?
There are 3 proportioning units:
-2 In each engine nacelle.
-1 In the upper vertical tail (forward of the front spar).
What are the porous panels? Where are they located?
The porous panels weep fluid at a low rate through fine holes. They are located on the leading edge of the:
-Outer wings
-Vertical tail
-Horizontal tail
How do the propeller slinger rings work?
-They spray fluid into slinger ring mounted on propeller's spinner back plate.
-From there, fluid is distributed through 3 nozzles by the centrifugal force of the spinning plate out onto the propeller.
How does the de-icing fluid get onto the windshield?
-There are 2 pumps with valves installed in nose compartment.
-Only one pump is active and it pumps fluid into the spray-bar.
-The switch in the cockpit allows pump selection.
What are the different modes of operation of the de-ice system?
The different modes are:

-Normal and High are selected using the toggle switch.
-Max is selected by pressing the max button op the de-icing panel.
Describe the normal mode of operation.
-It is used prior to ice accumulation.
-During normal mode, both pumps run simultaneously.
-They cycle:
On: 30s
Off: 90s

The max duration in normal mode is approximately 2.5 hrs based on a full tank.
Describe the high mode of operation.
It is used when ice has already accumulated.
During the high mode, the selected pump runs continuously.

The max duration in high mode is approximately 1.0 hrs based on a full tank.
Describe the max mode of operation.
It is used in severe icing conditions.
During the max mode, both pumps run continuously for 2 minutes every time the max button is pressed.

The max duration in max mode is approximately 30 minutes based on a full tank.
What does the pump switch do?
It allows you to toggle between pump 1 or 2 in high mode.
What does the windshield push button do?
It activates the selected windshield pump for 5 seconds.
If the main de-icing switch is off and the windshield push button is pressed, will fluid spray out of the spray-bar?
Yes, it will work even if main switch is off.
How do you purge air from the de-icing system?
Press and hold windshield button.
What main bus is the de-icing system connected to? What do you do if that bus fails?
-It is connected to the LH main bus.
-If the LH main bus fails, flip the alternate switch. That connects the system to RH main bus.

Note: Only high mode on pump #2 is available with the alternate switch on.
How do you test the de-ice system?
Press the Annun-Test test button. This activates a “DEIC PRES LO” caution after 2 minutes.