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what is dexamethasone?
a synthetic glucocorticoid that mimics the effects of cortisol and directly inhibits the action of CRF and ACTH
If a pt has a T4 count < 200 they will be dianosed with?
HIV; symptoms and a decrease T4 count usually <100 but <200 you'll know it's HIV
What can cause secondary immunodeficiency disorders?
chemotherapy, malnutrtion, stress, anesthetics, steroids
Define autoimmunity?
failure of immune system to recognize it's own cells
give examples of autoimmunity?
lupus erythematosis, graves disease,myasthenia gravis,diabetes mellitus,rheumatoid arthritis
what is type 1 hypersensitivity and give examples?
anaphylactic reaction happens with 15-30 min.
ex:meds,insects,foods,asthma (if you are allergic to cats and have asthma if you come in contact with cats(dander) it will cause the asthma attack)
Name the limiting factors of immunity?
A.blood supply
B.control of inflammation
C.O2- only anaerobic bacteria
D.chronic illness
E.keloid formation
what is the most common type of antibody or immunoglobulin?
IgG (70-75%)
What are the types of inflammatory exudates?
serous(in joints), fibrinous, purulent(pus-infection, hemorrhagic
What T-cell is unable to recoznize a specific antigen being activated?
killer (cytoxic)
Name the components of healing and the limitations?
a) fibroblasts-make collagen;scar
b)new capillaries-nutrients
c)regeneration of cells
limitaions: cardiac muscle,skeletal muscle, nerve cell cannot regenerate cells
Infection always has_________but not vice versa?
What organs play a role in our immune response?
bone marrow,thymus(kids only),lymph nodes,spleen,tonsils,adenoids,lymphoid tissue of gut-peyer's patches
neutrophils account for how much of our WBC's?
name some exogenous causes of the inflammatory process?
surgery,trauma,burns,chemicals on skin