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A storm that forms over the ocean.
They study the sites where people once lived
huge waves that are caused by a hurricane.
Storm Surge
Geographers divide the world into __ __
Culture regions
A huge ocean wave that is the result of an earthquake.
The number of people that can read and write in a country.
Literacy rate
A type of environmental hazard where the ground shakes violently.
Objects that were made and used by people.
This is caused by burnung fossil fuels.
Air Pollution
A government that has a king or a queen
Barriers that include deserts, rainforest, and mountains.
Natural barriers
The people who study people's relationship to one another in a group.
When a group of people make a permanent move from one place to another.
What is an organized way of worshipping a spiritual being or thinking about life?
Two main things that cause soil pollution.
Overuse of fertilizers and pesticides
A time in a people's past before written records were kept
Places where civilizations began.
Cultural hearth
The value of all goods and services produced annually in a country.
Cultures that have built cities, developed writing systems, and achieved varying kinds of development in the arts, sciences, government, and business.
A type of government where the people vote for the leaders of their country.
The spread of ideas, practices, and goods and services from one culture to another.
Cultural difussion
A government that has a king or a queen and a lawmaking group. Give an example.
Constitutional monarchy
The way of life of a group of people, with common traditions, interests, and beliefs.
Name three things that influenced global culture.
Music, food, products, buildings, clothing
Most farmers in the world today are ___ farmers.
A government in which one person has the power over a country. Give 2 examples
Iraq and North Korea
The earliest form of economic activity.
The number of babies that live to be 1 year old out of the number of babies born.
infant survival rate
The difference between the birth and death rate.
Natural Growth Rate
People who study government or a group's political systems.
Political Scientists
in less industrialized countries the birth rate is __ than the death rate.
Studying the written information about a peole's past
When the birth and death rate are more or less equal, a country has reached __ __ __.
Zero Population Growth
People in developed countries use science to improve ___.
The average number of peole living in a square mile or kilometer.
Population density
This type of farming depends heavily on human labor, animal power, and basic farm tools.
Subsistance or traditional farming
Place where early villages and towns grew.
Where trade routes crossed
Cultures are shaped by the various ways people meet their _____ _____
Economic needs
A powerful windstorm.
To do one kind of work, such as milling grain or weaving.
How much of the world's people today, make their living through agriculture?
one half
World Popluation today?
6 Billion
A country that produces great quantities of goods and services.
Type of farming where food crops and animals are produced chiefly for sale
The population pattern
Population distribution
These type of countries do not have enough food, clothing, and housing to meet the needs of their people.
Name 6 things that are included in a culture.
Religion, language, music, history, art, government, beliefs, literature
Where did most ancient people live?
Near a river on fertile land
A business that produces goods and services.