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how many layers to the meninges


dura mater

arachnoid membrane

pia mater

does the dura mater have any neurons or do any cognition/processing

no and no

what is dura mater

dense outermost layer covering brain and

spinal cord

(two layers)

dura mater attached to

inside of skull

dura mater has what two spaces



dura mater sits on top of

arachnoid membrane

what is the arachnoid membrane

Thin, delicate, nonvascular membrane lying under the dura that surrounds the brain loosely

what two spaces does the arachnoid membrane have



what is the pia mater

Thin transparent innermost membrane, closely attached to surface of the brain.

spinal dura mater is

outermost single layer

spinal dura mater has what two spaces

(1) extradural space

(2) epidural space

Spinal Arachnoid Begins at

and extends to

foramen magnum (opening in the skull)

cauda equina (near base of spinal column)

Subarachnoid space around the spinal cord is filled with


Spinal Pia mater is the

Innermost protective layer which Surrounds and tightly adheres to spinal column

what pierces the spinal pia mater

Fibers of the dorsal and ventral spinal roots pierce the pia membrane