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moves words to the next line if they do not fit on the current line
word wrap
created when you press Enter to move the insertion point to a new line
hard return
created by the word processor as it wraps text to a new line
soft return
a device that causes the computer to alternate between two states
toggle switch
reveals where formatting marks such as spaces, tabs, and returns are used in the document
Show/Hide feature
substitutes a predefined item for specific text but only when the user initiates it
document components used frequently, such as disclaimers, company addresses, or a cover page
Building Blocks
default view and closely resembles the printed document
Print Layout view
eliminates tabs and makes it easier to read your document
Full Screen Reading view
shows a simplified work area, removing white space and other elements from view
Draft view
displays a structural view of the document that can be collapsed or expanded
Outline view
used when creating a Web page
Web Layout view
contains frequently used formatting commands and displays when you select text
Mini toolbar
the amount of white space around the top, bottom, left, and right edges of the page
positions text parallel with the short side of the page
Portrait orientation
positions text parallel with the long side of the page
Landscape orientation
inserted when text fills an entire page, then continues on the next page
soft page break
forces the next part of a document to begin on a new page
hard page break
information printed at the top of document pages
information printed at the bottom of document pages
marker that divides a document into sections, thereby allowing different formatting in each section
section break
matches not only the text but also the use of upper- and lowercase letters
case-sensitive search
finds a word regardless of any capitalization used
case-insensitive search
lets you decide whether to replace text
Selective replacement
makes a substitution automatically
Automatic replacement
feature looks for mistakes in spelling, punctuation, writing style, and word usage
Spelling and Grammar
looks for features that are not supported by previous versions of Word
Compatibility Checker
checks for and removes different kinds of hidden and personal information from a document
Document Inspector
When entering text within a document, you normally press Enter at the end of every?
How do you display the Print dialog box?
Click the Office button, and then click the Print command
Which view removes all tabs from the screen?
Full Screen Reading
You are the only person in your office to upgrade to Word 2007. Before you share documents with co-workers you should?
Run the Compatibility Checker
Which option on the Page Layout tab allows you to specify that you are printing on an envelope?
What feature adds organization to your documents?
Page Numbers
If you cannot determine why a block of text starts at the top of the next page, which toggle switch should you invoke to view the formatting marks in use?
Show / Hide
You are on page 4 of a five-page document. Which of the following is not a way to move the insertion point to the top of the first page?
Press PageUp on the keyboard one time
What visual clue tells you a document is not in Word 2007 format?
The title bar includes (Compatibility Mode) after the file name
the appearance of printed matter
complete set of characters
contains a thin line at the top and bottom of characters
serif typeface
does not contain thin lines on characters
sans serif typeface
uses the same amount of horizontal space for every character
monospaced typeface
allocates horizontal space to the character
proportional typeface
characteristic applied to a font, such as bold
Type style
Use to change capitalization of text
Change Case
does not appear onscreen
Hidden text
horizontal space between characters
Character spacing
increases or decreases text as a percentage of its size
raises or lowers text from the baseline
allows more even spacing between characters
use to mark text that you want to locate easily
prevents a word from becoming separated at the hyphen
nonbreaking hyphen
keeps two or more words together on a line
nonbreaking space
use to copy existing text formats to other text
Format Painter
markers for aligning text in a document
marks the position to align text on the left
left tab
marks where text centers as you type
center tab
marks the position to align text on the right
right tab
marks where numbers align on a decimal point as you type
decimal tab
marks the location of a vertical line between columns
bar tab
dots or hyphens that connect two items
leader character
a line that surrounds a paragraph, a page, a table, or an image
background color that appears behind text
itemizes and separates paragraph text to increase readability
bulleted list
sequences and prioritizes items
numbered list
extends a numbered list to several levels
multilevel list
format a section of a document into side-by-side vertical blocks
refers to the placement of text between the left and right margins
Horizontal alignment
marks the location to indent only the first line in a paragraph
first line indent
marks how far to indent each line of a paragraph except the first
hanging indent
space between the lines in a paragraph
Line spacing
amount of space before or after a paragraph
Paragraph spacing
last line of a paragraph appearing by itself at the top of a page
first line of a paragraph appearing by itself at the bottom of a page
set of formatting options you apply to characters or paragraphs
stores character formatting and affects only selected text
character style
stores paragraph formatting of text
paragraph style
structural view that displays varying amounts of detail
Outline view
feature analyzes a document and formats it for you
lists headings and the page numbers where they appear in a document
table of contents
a listing of topics and the page numbers where the topic is discussed
Which feature analyzes a document and formats it for you?
Which of the following is used to create a conventional outline?
A Numbered list
A(n) ______ occurs when the first line of a paragraph is isolated at the bottom of a page and the rest of the paragraph continues on the next page.
What is the keyboard shortcut to mark an index entry?
Which tab contains the Table of Contents and Index features?
Which of the following is not a predefined Word style that is available in every document?
Special 1
Which of the following are not set at the paragraph level?
The default tab stops are set to:
Left indents every 1/2"
series of columns and rows that organize data
intersection of a column and row in a table
vertical space from the top to the bottom of a row
row height
horizontal space or length of a column
column width
affects the background color within a cell
refers to the line style around each cell
contains borders, shading, and other attributes to enhance a table
table style
position of a table between the left and right margins
table alignment
refers to the direction of rotation in which text displays
text direction
amount of space between data and the cell border in a table
cell margins
process of rearranging data
arranges data from lowest to highest
ascending order
arranges data from highest to lowest
descending order
graphical image, illustration, drawing, or sketch
clip art
provides legal protection to a written or artistic work
catalogs pictures, sounds, and movies stored on your hard drive
Microsoft Clip Organizer
small circles and squares that appear around a selected object and enable you to adjust the height and width of an object
sizing handles
refers to the way text wraps around an image
text wrapping style
gallery contains preformatted options that can be applied to a graphical object
Picture Styles
process of trimming the edges of an image or other graphical object
adjustment of height or width by a percentage of the image's original size
difference between light and dark areas of an image
ratio between lightness and darkness of an image
reduces the file size of an object
creates decorative text for a document
Microsoft WordArt
Which of the following commands in the Picture Tools Format tab would you use to remove portions of a graphic that you do not wish to see in your document?
Which wrap style allows text to wrap around the graphic frame that surrounds the image?
What provides legal protection to the author for a written or artistic work?
Microsoft WordArt cannot be used to:
Insert a copyright symbol
If cell A1 contains the value 2, and A2 contains the value 4, what value will be displayed if cell A3 contains the formula =PRODUCT(ABOVE)?
What option would you use if you were given a lengthy list of items that are separated by tabs and that would be easier to format in a table?
Convert Text to Table
Which option should you use to add color to improve the attractiveness and readability of a table?
Borders and shading