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At what age children show high conformity (Walker & Andrade, 1999)

3-5 years

What Corriveau (2009) found about conformity between asian and western ?

Asian children conform higher than white

What can be concluded from Kim and Markus (1999) - select the pen experiment

Asian choose the majority colour pen, high conform, value interdependance

European choose the minority colour, low conform, value independence

What Haun et al (2006) studied and found ?

How children search for something ? ( egocetric, object-centered, geocentric )

The found that

- netherland kids used egocentric strategy - used fix position

- bostwana kids used geocetric strategy - maintauned relative to the environment

What Penkunas and Coss (2013) found about the ability to identify the predator pictures

Despite they were rural or city kid - they performed similarly.

This caused by evolutionary origin not enviromental effect

Why Nso children failed the self awareness test ? (Keller et al, 2005)

- certain level of task demands

- lack of looking things in their culture

- shy