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What is the definition of hostage negotiations?
Sudden unpredictable capacity.
What are the three types of hostage takers?
Criminal, Psychotic, and political teariest.
What are criminal hostage takers?
Feeling felons, institutional(jail/prisons), extortionists(ransom) Barricaded suspects.
What percent of hostage takers in the US are criminal?
Total about 60 percent.
How many American citizens are held world wide?
About 50 Americans are held around the world.
What are the three main reasons psychotic people take hostage of others?
Vengeance, mentally, and religion.
What is the total percent in the US for psychotic hostage takers?
About 39 percent in the United States
Name an Example of Psychotic hostage satiation?
Lynees high School, Eric Houston, In Berkly, California.
What percent of political hostage takers in America?
About 1 percent in the US.
What is the average time that hostage situation last?
8-10 hours.
Name the three types of hostage agencies?
Federal: Hostage resource Team, City level, swat, and county level.
Where did negotiating evolved from and what year?
Munich Olympic incident, 1972.
Name the two most important things for a negotiation?
Time and Trust
What are the 5 hostage incidents?
Behavioral, intelligence, tactical, technical and support.

Name at least three negotiating demands?
Avoid asking for demands, avid offering anything, never give anything without getting anything in return.
Name three things never to give the bad guys?
People, alcohol/drugs, and weapons.animation.
Name all five stages of hostage reactions?
Denial, delusion, angel, busy work, reevaluation of life.
Name 3 styles of negotiating?
Win/lose, compromise, and soft bargaining.
What are the three hostage syndromes?
Stockholm, London, and over compliance.
Stockholm Syndrome
is a parent child relationship.
London Syndrome
Is where a hostage refuse to comply with the hostage taker.
Over compliance syndrome
Is where a hostage is basically trying to kiss ass. In other words, if the hostage taker spills coffee the hostage will try and clean it up for them.
Name at least 3 surviving tips to survive a hostage situation?
Remain part of the group, don't make eye contact, establish a routine.
Tactic 1)
Abduction good guys
Tactic 2) Assassination-Historical analysis.
Simply a violent crime with politicial implications.
Tactic 3-Sabatage
An attack intended to cause damage to a specific material target.
Tactic 4- Bombing and Explosive devices
An attack that is in use of an "homemade" bomb and or device to destroy, incapacitate, harass, or distract.
Tactic 5-Hijacking
An operation where the terrorist siege control of some type of vehicle using the occupants as bargaining counter with a government.
Tactic 6-Sucidie Bombing
a teariest who carries out a bomb attack, knowing they will be killed.
Tactic 7-Siege operations
Taking of hostages and barricading behind cover with the intention until their demands are met.
Name an example of an Sabotage attack
Lockbiere bombing, paman 103. Destroyed over Lockbiere, London
What does FAA stand for?
Federal Aviation Administration.
What does NTSB stand for?
National transportation safety board.
Who was the shoe bomber?
Richard Ried.
Name four issues pilots have?
Pilot error, mechanical failure, weather, and birds.
What are the classification of explosives for low velocity?
300 feet per second, black powder, smokeless power, gun powder.
What are the classification of explosives for high velocity?
18,000 ft persecond, dynamite, c-4(American) Semter(Soviet)
What does IED stand for?
Improvised explosive device.
What does ATF sstandfor?
Alchol Tabaco fire arms
Name the three types of explosives?
Fragmentation, Blast, Pressure, and thermal effect.
The bomb packaging(Pipe, car bomb, wood/,etal container) itself along with its contents (glass, nails bullets, staples.
Blast Pressure
Hot expanding gases that exerts pressures of approximately 700 tons per second. Inch at velocities up o 7,000 miles per hour.
Thermal effect
Also known as secondary fires. Initial blasts often causes fireball. does not occur all te time, generally causes the least amount of damge of the
What are the 2 phases of bomb explosives?
Positive and negative. Positive last 3x longer than
First dynamite was invited by whom and in what year?
1866, Alferd Bobel
What is a symbolic target?
Primary motive for the attack is to prompt a reaction.
What are the two forms of symbolic target?
Low level attack causing inconvenience and aggressiveness.
Spectacular attack causing serious damage.
Name an example of a low level attack
Intent attack sniper, IRA.
Name an example of an spectual attack.
Khober towers
What does CSS stand for?
Central Security control
What does OSI stand for?
Office special investigations.
What is the water fall method?
Start on top floor, knock on doors to escape from building.
Name an example of a hijacking situation?
Achille Iauro cruse ship, 7th, October, 1985. 420 people were on board, including. Went 51 hours (two days).
What are the 9 ways sucidie bombing can attack?
1) On Foot, by car, by donkie, by women, by bike, by hijacking a plane, by diverading a bus, and attack by gun.
What are suicide bombers?
Smart bomber
What is a smart bomber?
Bombs are smart bombs, because they can find their targets
What is an example of a siege situation?
1979 take over of the US embassy of Tain, Iran. 3,000 students took over the embassy. Lasted 444 days. 52 Americans were held. They released all African-Americans, women, and jews. Operation E gal claw was put into affect to get hostage out in 1980.