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Red herring

Deflecting the subject onto a related subject the other person brings up


Inventing a related thing to argue about

Non sequitur

Changing the subject to something unrelated


The act or instance of using language that obscures rather than reveals meaning

Anonymous authority

A mysterious expert

False dilemma

Reducing the choice to two

Ad hominem

Attacking the person for something unrelated

Poisoning the well

Creating a condition that negates an argument

Circular argument/begging the question

Arguing about something with no entry point


Leaving out what may hurt our argument

False/cause effect

Asserting that something will cause or result in something else that isn't connected


Exploit the difference in dictionary definition

Tu quoque

Attacking the person for the same thing

Slippery slope

Arguing that a horrific chain of events will happen


Changing a word to make it more or less palatable


Using language that freezes someone out

False authority

Bringing in someone as an expert who is unqualified

Weasel words

Language that leaves a loophole