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What is the issue with police response in rural areas?

* Fewer police officers per head in rural areas

* Travel greater distances to respond to incidents

* This may increase response time in rural areas

Why is lighting a problem in rural areas?

Lack of lighting can make it easier for crimes to be committed unnoticed.

Why are a lack of facilities a problem in rural areas?

Young people have less things to do, and less access to employment opportunities and leisure facilities, and a boredness may lead to an increase in crime and disorder.

Can be linked to wider theory:

* Mazda's Drift Theory

* Social Exclusion Theory

As a result of lack of facilities, this can lead to....

Substance misuse - a crime in an of itself, but may contribute to burglary and vehicle theft to fund their habit.

Factors that contribute to substance misuse in rural areas are...?

* Relatively limited facilities for young people

* Limited diversionary activities for people at risk of drug taking

* Lack of drugs information and services compared to cities

* Alcohol misuse is also an issue

Larger scale rural crime that involves international trade is a result of....

* Theft of machinery

* Vehicles

* Heating oil, metal, diesel and pesticides on a mass scale.

Top of the range vehicles, older models with no immobilisers or alarms are smuggled out of the country and sold to developing nations.

Other crimes besides theft of machinery and fuels are....

* Theft of livestock (oh no my sheep)

* Illegal waste sites and dumping

* Burglary of farms, homes and businesses

* Drug dealing and cannabis farming

* Theft from churches and damage to graveyards and monuments

* Poaching, hare-coursing and animal cruelty (See: Wildlife Crime)

* Arson or criminal damage

The insurance company NFU Mutual in 2014 estimated rural crime costs at...


Elaborate on under-reporting of crimes from rural areas?

* Lack of CCTV or evidence can lead to a lack of reports being made initially

* Lack of support for BAME groups and racial tensions