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Which of the following would not be a focus of social control theorists?
-techniques and strategies regulating human behavior
-quality of relationships
Which of the following is not an example of a study from a Macrosociological perspective?
-legal system, laws, particular law enforcement
-powerful groups in society
-social and economic directives of governmental or private groups
Hirschi posited four social bonds that promote socialization and conformity. Which of the following is not one of those bonds?
The bonds are:
The preoccupation with activities that promote the interests of society would be an example of which type Hirschi’s bonds?
According to Matza, when a bond between a person and the law is not in place a youth may enter a state of ___, where he or she exists in limbo between convention and crime.
Which approach, according to Toby, can explain why one neighborhood has a much higher crime rate than another, but not why one particular individual becomes a hoodlum and another does not?
The social disorganization approach
______theory assumes that for every individual there exists a containing external structure and a protective internal structure, both of which provide defense, protection, or insulation against delinquency.
Due process means that
According to the 14th amendment of the us consitution, a fundamental mandate that a person should not be deprived of life,
liberty, or property without reasonable and lawful procedures
Labeling theorists are interested in all but which of the following?
Focuses on the crime, the criminal, and ways in which social interactions creates deviance
And the reactions of people and the effects of those reactions
In the 1940s, which of the following theorists formulated the basic assumptions of labeling theory?
Edwin Lemert
Edwin Lemert contended that there are two types of deviant acts. They are
Primary and Secondary
Which theoretical perspective claims that a struggle for power is a basic feature of human existence?
conflict theory
The ____ model of lawmaking assumes that members of society by and large agree on what is right and wrong, and that law is the codification of these agreed-upon social values.
Conflict theorists argue that
a. law exists for the collective good. That they represent interests of specific groups that have the power to get them enacted

b. the key concept of the conflict theory is power

c. the people who have political control in any given society are the ones who are able to make things happen
The peacemaking perspective is part of an intellectual and social movement toward
Restorative justice
The rational choice perspective assumes that
People make decisions with the goal of maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain
From the rational-choice perspective, characteristics fall into two distinct categories
Those of the offender and those of the defense
The routine-activity approach does not explore
The factors that influence the offenders decision to commit a crime
The term “victimology” was coined in 1947 by
The Romanian lawyer Beniamin Mendelsohn
The term “victim precipitation” was coined by
Marvin Wolfgang
In their analysis of repeat victimization, researchers concluded that the _____ theory of offender decision making is useful in understanding repeat victimization.
theory provides the foundation for designing situational-crime-prevention techniques and their classification.
is the commission of a quantitatively similar crime at a different time or place
Rational-choice theory, unlike traditional theories, is not concerned with strategies of
overall crime prevention
Until recently, spousal abuse was perceived as a problem more of _________ than of criminal justice.
social service
was defined as the intentional killing of another person with malice aforethought.
. _____________ is a killing committed intentionally but without malice.
voluntary manslaughter
A crime is designated _____________ when a person has caused the death of another unintentionally but recklessly by consciously disregarding a substantial and unjustifiable risk that endangered another person’s life.
involuntary manslaughter
Murder rates are higher in ___________ and ___________ states.
western and southern
A study by Felson and Messner found that victim precipitation is more often seen in cases where
women killed their husbands