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A defense used by one who changes his mind before the completion of a crime. In the courts it is only used if they have not completed "the point of no return."
Accessory after the fact
One who is aware of the commision of the crime by the main criminal actor and purposefully provides help to the actor in the name of avoiding apprehension and conviction. Might be called "criminal protectors"
Accessory before the fact
One who is not present at the time of the offense yet prior thereto aids, councels, or otherwise encourages the main criminal actor
Accomplice liability
A situation wherein the actor solicited, aided, agreed to aid, or attempted to aid the principal in planning or committing the offense
Occurs when a person who believes it probable that she is rendering aid to a person who intends to commit a crime, and she engages in conduct that provides such persons with the means necessary to commit a felony
Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution
A person hinders the apprehension, prosecution, conviction, or punishment, of another for crime when he or she harbors or conceals the other; provides or aids in providing a weapon, transportation, disguise or effecting escape
Principal in the first degree
The main criminal perpetrator in a crime
Principal in the second degree
One who is present at the time of the offense and aids, councels,or encourages the main criminal actor
Respondant superior
"let the master answer"
Used in liability cases
Person in charge (master) should have lefal responsibility for the wrongful act of his or her agent
Vicarious liablity
Permits the wrongful acts of one person to result in the liability of abother. Liability arises soley on the basis of the supercisory responsibility that the defendant has relative to the individual committing the act of omission