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Two eighteenth century eventsin England that had a profound impact on the delivery of police services and methods of investigation employed were
The agricultural and industrial revolutions.
Which of the following is not one of the twelve principles for governing police work outlined By Sir Robert Peel when he helped establish a metropolitan police force for London?
Every candidate for police duty must be the subject of a thorough background investigation.
Initially, the British public was suspicious and at times hostile to the newly formed London police department. This was primarily due to
Oppression French citizens had experienced under centralized police.
America's first unified police force was created in
New York.
In the mid-1800's, American cities were in need of reliable detectives due to limited police jurisdiction, widespread graft and corruption in big city police departments, and
lack of effective communication between departments in different cities.
Allen Pinkerton's success as an investigator was at least partially due to his comprehension of the importance of information, records, and
When initially created by Congress, the function of the U.S. Secret Service was to
combat counterfeiting.
During the 1960's, the Warren Supreme Court created a due process revolution. What tool did they use to extend the provisions of the Bill of Rights to criminal proceedings in many states?
The due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
Which of the following was not a key decision during the Warren Court's due process revolution?
Illinois v. Gates
The focus and effect of the landmark decisions of the Warren Court were directed primarily at the two areas of
search and seizures and the right to counsel.
Based on the fact that every human being differs from every other in their body measurements, Alphonse Bertillon created the first reliable method of criminal identification known as
What factor is likely to have influenced worldwide acceptance of the Henry fingerprint classification system over the Vucetich system?
Henry's appointment as the Police Commisioner of London.
In 1985, research into the structure of the human gene revealed that portions of what structure of certain genes are unique to individuals as are fingerprints?
DNA structure.
The first use of DNA typing in a criminal case was in
England in 1987.
DNA analysis of blood and other human evidence collected in criminal investigations is now widely used and understood, but the "genetic" fingerprinting of this type evidence had no application in any criminal case until 1992.
Plant evidence