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This Crime is investigated most thoroughly and thus results in the highest clearance rates?


What are examples of Trace evidence ___________

Fingerprint, blood & hair

What is ballistics?

Study of firearms

What is it called when there is a connection between a suspect and a crime, through DNA evidence, in the absence of an ongoing investigation is called __________

Cold Hit

______________ is the database that contains 4.5 Million people's DNA


__________ is the time elapse between the instant a call for service is received and the instant a police officer arrives on the scene and had become a benchmark for police efficiency.

Response Time

___________ is the technology that is utilized by police departments to locate and identify hot spots.

Crime Mapping

Broken window theory is based on the theory that by cracking down on _____________ crimes, police can significantly reduce all crime in the area.

Quality of Life

___________ is a policing philosophy that moves beyond responding to incidents and attempts to solve the root causes of criminal behavior

Problem Oriented Policing

_________ policing can be defined as an approach that promotes community-police relations.