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E.O. 119

Re-organization of the Ministry of Health to Department of Health


Creation of Board of Health (BOH)


BOH was abolished and was changed to Bureau of Health

September 21, 1972 – 1986 Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos Dr. Jesus Azurin

Declaration of Martial Law

February 25, 1986 – 1992 Corazon Aquino Dr. Alfredo Benzon

where re-organization of BOH to Dept. of Health (DOH): DOH

regulated by PD 568 (1976)

1. Creation of Restructured Health Care Delivery System

RA 3753: Vital Health Statistic Law

2. Management Information Sytems regulated

by LOI 949 (1984):

3. Primary Health Care (PHC) regulated

regulated by PP #4 (1996)

Measles Elimination Program

EO 51

Milk Code of the PH

Preventive and Prophylactic

3. Measles Immunization