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absorbable suture material is removed from tehbody by what 2 mechanisms
1. phagocytosis
2. hydrolysis
Sutures absorbable or non
monofil, braided or both

1. Vicryl
2. Cat Gut
5. stainless steal
6. PDS
1. vicryl - absorb & braided
2. Cat gut: absorbable & mono
3.prolene:nonab & both
4. nylon - nonabsorb & both
5. stainless steal - nonab & mono
6. PDS:absorb & mono
Braided suture material is a good choise to use in infected wounds
False - gunk gets festery
Braided material has capillary action
What is 1 reason that you use the smallest diameter suture that will adequately hold tissue
1. min. tissue damage
2.doesn't have to be stronger than the tissue
Which has better knot security
mono or braided sutures
1. braided b/c more grab
What is 1 advantage & 1 disadvantage of stainless steel
ADV: 1. Inert
2. no bacterial growth
3. strong
4. can auoclave
DIS: 1. difficult to handle
2. no elasticity - swelling nightmare
3. Large - bulky knots
4. possibe cantamination of sterile field b/c can poke holes
Which is larger diameter suture 3-0 or 1
Which is more reactive, synthetic multifil or synthetic mono?
Synthetic multifil
What is 1 advantage of using a swaged needle over an eyed needle
1. smooth stitching
2.less tissue damage
3. good for cardiovascular & GI sx
What is the diff between elective & non- elective procedure
elective - choose if & when to do

non- elective - emergency
What are teh 3 layers in closure
1. linea alba
2. SQ
3. skin
1 Indications for OVH
1. sterilization
2. infected organs
3. prevent pyometra
4. ovarian induced hormone imbalances
5. prevent neoplasias of uterus or ovaries,
6. decrease or prevent neoplasms of mammaries
7. Prevent or TX cycts of ovaries
1 indication fro castration
1. control aggression
2. control tendencies to wander
3. teriliztion
4. Tx or prevent neoplasms of testis
5. Tx or prevent inflammation of testis
6. preent certain prostatic problmems
7. prevent perianal adenomas
If excessive blood loss from n ovarian pedicle occurs post-op, name 1 early sign in the patient
1.pale MM
2.increase heart rate
3. weak pulse
4. increased RR
When to surgical prep begin on a C-section?
Clip BEFORE anesthesia
Another name for castration
2. orchiectomy
3. alter
4. fix
Describe diff in sx prep btwn k-9 & feline castration (location)
k-9 - pre-scrotal
feline - scrotal
4 month puppy w/ only 1 testi in scrotum is called
unilateral cryptorchid
What is an onychectomy
Another name for laparotomy
accumulation of pus in uterus is called
What is pre-emptive analgesia
analgesia administeredin advance of noxious stimulation to prevent wind-up & decrease the amt of anesthesia necessary for sx
from where does visceral psin arise

somatic pain
1.internal organs

2. skin
disadvantage of fentynal patch is ?

& 1 side effect
1. short duration of effect

1. profound sedation,
2. bradycardia
3. panting
4.RR depressin
5. increased sensitivity to sound
Name opioid family that give pain relief up to 12 hr after IM injection
buprenorphine - opioid agonist-antagonist
"torb", "stadol"
Common side effect of NSAID
1.Gi ulcers
2. renal toxicity
3. imparted platelet aggregation, liver damage in some patients
Define nocieptor
naked afferent nerve that responds to noxious stimulus
lab change that can be seen in reponse to pain or distress
1. increased WBC
2. increased lymphos
3. increased gluco
4. increased PCV
5. increased cortisol
6. increased catecholamines (epi)
physical change that can be seen in reponse to pain or distress
1. increase heart rate & BP
2. cool extrremeties
3. rapid, shoallow breaths,
4. decreased Tidal volme
5. ataxia
1 drug/ family that inhibits transduction



1. transduction: meperidine (demerol) NSAID, Opioids, Local Anesthesia
2. transmission: Alpha 2 agonists (, NA channel blockers(
3. modulation: opioid (morphine), or alpha 2 agonists, benzodiazepams
4. perception: opioides (buprene)cholinesterase ihibitors, NMDA antagonists
1 nonpharm method of pain control
1. nursing care
3. heat or cold
4. PT
5. homeopathics
Drugs good for pain relief
2. opioids
3. opioid agonist/antagonists (tor, buprenex)
4.local anesthetics
5. alpha -2 adrenergic agonists (xylazine & medetomidine,
6. ketamine
7. tranqs
Routes of administration for morphine
1. IV
2. IM
Name a pure opioid antagonist
when determining the patients level of pain what should you demand from your patient
1.if not happy signs, then assume in pain - eat, shake, yawn
stretch & sleep curled up - cats