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reading over your notes in an example of _____ learning
active ?
goals that involve learning the material are called _______ goals
strategic learners are students who view studying and learning as a _______ process
you can get your moneys worth in college by _______ all classes
Taking a ______ course loud during your first term or first year can help make the transition to college easier.
learning to set _____ is one of the most difficult tasks you will face.
study goals?
a kinesthetic learner learns best by ______
what are the three factors that influence motivation? describe each briefly
look up
Describe the three components of self- regulated learning
Look up
why are learning styles important?
learning styles are important because its the way a student can learn best .
goals should be _____ challenging
you should avoid words like _____ and _____ in your goal statements
I think and Ill try
_____, ____ help students break long-term goals down into individual steps
action plan
When you have clear _____ goals, yo are more likely to perserve what become difficult
The goal statement, " I will earn an A or B in biology" should be revised because it is not.

(look up)
why should you revise your goals
you may have set your goals too low.
you may have set your goals too high
After the first exam, youl have a more accurate picture of your performance
What are four main reasons that setting goals improves performance?
goals direct your attention

goals mobilize effort

goals increase persistence

goals promote the development of new strategies
why should students make academics their top priority for the first three weeks of the term?
when you start off strong you are more likely to succeed in the end.
why should students use the five step approach to setting goals?
look up
The first step in good time management is ______ how to use your time now
You need to spend almost one- _______ of your time each week on academic tasks if you are a full-time student
the average student spends about _____ hours outside of class for every hour in class to complete assignments
completing a _______ calendar will help you determine how well you can stick to a schedule.
the best way to overcome problems with procrastination is simply to ______
get started.
you can determine your time available for study by completing a ________ calendar
fixed commitment calendar
what are the three main causes of procrastination?
self- downing, low frusteration tolerance, hostility
describe the four factors that influence how much time you need to study
-consider credit load
-consider the difficulty level of classes
-consider grade goals
-learn how long it takes to do your assignment
How can time- management strategies keep you motivated?
because if you are taking breaks, switching subjects and planning rewards you will make feel more motivated. Writing things down also make you want to achieve it more.
what are the five strategies that students can use to overcome problems with procrastination?
- Get started
- Plan ahead
- Don't over schedule
- set priorities
-recognize that all courses are relevant
Chapter 4 (memory and learning)

______ memory is very susceptible to interference
short-term or immediate
if information is well _______ it is easier to learn and recall
another term for spaced practice is ______practice
mnemonic devices are designed to aid ______, not _______
retrieval, learning
_____ -level rehearsal strategies are more effective in getting information into long-term memory
_____ occurs when we make things meaningful
compare and contrast short term and long term memory
short term- is something that once you decide you want to remember something, you immediately have to move it into short-term memory.

long term- once material has been processed it moves into long term. Long- term memory is the best one for stuff to be in. Long term memory has almost unlimited capacity.
Describe weinstein and mayers five groups of learning strategies
rehearsal strategies- involve practicing material until its learned.

high-level rehearsal strategies- outlining, predicting questions, and creating charts and concept maps

-Elaboration strategies- involve expanding on the information, forming associations, or connecting new information to what you already know.

Organizational Strategies- allow you to organize the information to make it easier to learn and recall.

comprehension monitoring strategies- allow you to monitor or keep tabs on your learning.
Chapter 5 (taking lecture notes)

The most important reason to take lecture notes is to get a _______ record of information
_____ is an active, selective process
chapter 5

take notes in ______; dont write whole sentences
meaningful phrases
writing questions in the ______ provides you with an oppurtunity to test your memory of your notes
recall column
you should edit your notes within ____
___ of the lecture
24 hours
You can improve your listening skills by
deciding that you want to listen

controlling your emotional response

holding yourself accountable for the material presented.
what are some ways to edit your notes?
rewriting your notes to fill in missing information

rewriting your notes to improve the organization

adding a recall column to your notes
chapter 5
what are the key features of the outline, block, and modified-block methods of taking notes?
they don't deal with many things that have to do with format. They are made to get down the information that your teacher so fastly writes down.
how do students benefit from taking notes?

Chapter 5
acurate info on material

become active listener/more involved

more interesting

how do students review their lecture notes ?

Chapter 5
recite from heading, recite from recall questions, talk to others about info
Chapter 6 (improving concentration)

______ college freshman experience concentration problems
chapter 6
use ______ study strategies to improve your concentration when studying for exams
both _____ and ______ distractions affect your ability to concentrate during lectures
Chapter 6
internal and external
Having difficulty concentrating at the beginning of a task is referred to as a problem focusing at _______
Chapter 6
what are the real causes of poor concentration

chapter 6
lack of interest
lack of attention
lack of motivation
you can reduce your distractions by
studying in an empty classroom
using your desk only for study
screening your phone calls
describe the characteristics of each of the three stages of the concentration cycle
light- right when you sit down, pretty distracted, just getting all materials.

moderate- somewhat concentrated but still may be distracted by little things

DEEP- best one to be in. not distracted AT ALL
How should students overcome problems with internal and external distractions?
for internal- students should keep a journal, find someone to talk to regularly that really helps you with problems.

for external- find a quiet place to study that you rarely get distracted.
How will improving your concentration benefit you in college?
self confident, self esteem, time spent more effectively, more interesting, more involved, better notes, better test scores which leads to overall success.
Chapter 7 (reading your textbook)

By connecting what your reading to your _____ ______, you can improve your reading comprehension
prior knowledge
you can prevent boredom and increase your comprehension if you read your textbook chapter in _____ -page chunks.
you need to turn the ______ into a question in the SQ3R reading/study system
You should use the _____ reading/study system with your easy-to-read textbooks
One of the disadvantages of using S-RUN-R is that it is very ________ _______
time consuming
_______ refers to your evaluation of whether or not you understand what you read
comprehension monitoring
previewing before reading a chapter can increase your comprehension by ____ percent
10 to 20
List and define each of the five critical reading skills
comprehend- understanding what you read, look up words in dictionary ( no ignorance)

Application- connecting what you read to own prior knowledge

Analysis- Break information into its component parts. identify main points and their supporting details

Synthesis- pulling info together from individual statements made in the paragraph into more general ideas or concepts.

Evaluation- Judging value of text. Asking yourself is what you read is true?
compare and contrast P2R, SQ3R, and S-RUN-R reading/study systems
P2R- is preview, read and review. Its good to use for easy to read textbook. Can be effective.

SQ3R- survey, question, read, recite, review.
-great deal of repetition

S-RUN-R.. survey, read, underline, note taking, review .
Simple but time consuming. (one that i would use)
Chapter 8
You should read to the end of the _______ before you begin marking your text.
complex marking systems can interfere with your _______
One way to review your text marking is to ______ questions in the margin of your text
Marking only one sentence per paragraph is referred to as marking too ______
when you are marking your text, you should read, _______, _______, and then mark
think, decide
______ main ideas are not directly stated in the text
______ _______ helps you summarize the key information in your text
meaningful phrases
What are the four main reasons you should mark your text?
-promotes active reading

-condenses material

-increases comprehension

-serves as a comprehension monitoring system
why do some students have difficulty marking their textbooks? what should they do differently?
they have difficulty because they under or over mark their texts. They should precisely choose what is important and not and go with it.
how should students evaluate their text marking?
Be sure marking makes sense

Get feedback on marking
-compare with classmate
-talk to professor

Test marking after exam
- use T method
- T method is marking T on everything that was on the exam.
Chapter 9
You may not want to take text notes as you read the chapter for the first time because every thing seems ______
You can edit your ______ notes as you take your text cards
Some students like to take text notes ____ ______ because they carry them around to review when they have a few extra minutes.
index cards
_______ _______ show the supporting details in a semantic web
strand supports
_________ cannot be used to take notes on entire chapters
When you are writing a summary, be sure to use
paragraph form?????

or main ideas??
what is a top-down method of taking text notes
hierarchical maps
Why do students need to organize their text material?
increases comprehension

prepares for review

better than highlighting

some text lacks subheading

some text include details under multiple heading

some material is better organized with graphic displays
why is charting an effective method for some text material?

what is one type of chart?
forces you to organize more than any other form.

a type of chart= the matrix ( it has rows and columns)
how should students review their text notes?
-review main and supporting points

-write heading on piece of paper than fill in details

add recall questions
-write in margin
-create general and specific questions.
Chapter 10 (preparing for exams)

You should study the ______ chapter on day 1 of the Five- Day study plan.
you should study for _____ to ______ hours for a college exam
8 to 10
studying your text and lecture material together is known as_______ study. *
if you only have two chapters to study for an exam, you should prepare _____ on day 1
first half of the older chapter
The review strategies give you more opportunities for _______________ your learning
monitoring on self-testing
_______ level questions require you to understand the information so that you can select the answer even when it is phrased differently on the exam.
which is the least effective time to evaluate your exam preparation?
During the exam
How are preparation strategies and review strategies different?
preparation strategies are setting yourself up to learn.
review strategies are is where you can learn all the material that you prepared for the test. This process can involve reciting word carts, reciting question cards and taking self tests.
Why do students have difficulty preparing for exams? what should they do differently?
students have difficulty preparing for exams because they usually wait till the last second and cram the night before. Also students read over the whole text book before tests. They should use a five day study plan which has you studying over a longer period of time and being able to understand the material better.
Taking objective Exams

The real cause of test anxiety is________
past test failure or being unprepared
the best way to reduce test anxiety is to _______ __________
prepare well
The most important factor in determining how much time to spend on a question is the ___________ __________
point value
the best way to reduce test anxiety is to ________ _________
prepare well
on a matching test, you should always work from the side with the ________ words
unless you ________ the question or find the correct answer some- where else on the test, you shouldn't change your answer.
why should students answer the easiest questions first?
It gives them confidence knowing that they for sure have gotten some points and it reduces some of that test anxiety so you can dominate the rest of the test.
How should students cope with test anxiety in order to improve their performance on exams?
-prepare well
-monitor learning
- use relaxation strategies
- avoid negative thoughts
-recite a positive mental script
-use visualization
What strategies should students use to maximize their scores on objective test?
- follow directions
- budget time
- easiest questions first
-guess strategically
Chapter 12 (taking essay exams)

One way to prepare for an essay exam is to predict ______ or ______ questions for every one that you will have to answer on the exam.
four of five