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Lawrence v. tx

6-3 the court held that the Texas statue making it a crime for two persons of the same sex to engage in certain intamate sexual conduct violates the due process clause.

burlington v. ellerth

7-2 the court held that employers are vicariously liable for supervisors who creat a hostile work environment for those over whole they have authority.

oncale v. sundower

9-0 the court held that while title 7 does not prohibit all verbal or physical harassment in the work place.

gebser v. logo vista isd

5-4 the court held that 2 minimal criteria must be met in order for an aggrieved party to recover sexual harrassment damages under the amendments.

roe v. wade

7-2 the court held that a women's right to an abortion fell within the right to privacy by the 14tg amendment.

griswold v. connecticut

7-2 the court held through the constitution does not explicitly protect a general right to privacy.

United States v. Windsor

5-4 the court held that the u.s. government despite the executive branches agreement regarding DOMA's unconstitutionality retains a significant enough stake in the issue.

hollingsworth v. perry

5-4 the petitioners do not have standing.

Ledbetter v. Goodyear tire

5-4 the court ruled that ledbetters claim was time barred by title 7s limitation period.

Walmart v. dukes

9-0 the Supreme Court reversed the lower courts order in a unanimous decision