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As a leader of a team it is your responsibility to make your team

People gathered with no common goal

Group of people organized to work together
Primary Task of team or military organization:

Successfully perform its mission


Task assigned to an individual or unit and purpose for action to be taken

Team member's or Airman's purpose:

Proudly serve American people and partner nations by accomplishing the Air Force's mission
SNCOs must:

- Completely understand and accept the team's mission

- Develop clear vision

- Provide direction

What are the 4 Personal Approaches

1. Conceptual

2. Spontaneous

3. Normative

4. Methodical


(Personal Approaches)

I understand what we're trying to do.

I've got an idea on what to do.

(Prefers new ideas, good at visualizing master plan)


(Personal Approaches)

Let's get going on this.

Let's do something different.

(Prefers freedom from constraint, focus on many things at once)


(Personal Approaches)

I've done something like this before.

I remember what happened last time.

(Prefers to put ideas in familiar context, lets accepted norms and expectations steer them)


(Personal Approaches)

Let's break this down.

We need to look at the facts.

(Prefers order and rationale, examines the details and thinks things over carefully before acting)

What are the 4 team rolls?


1. Creator

2. Advancer

3. Refiner

4. Executor


(Team Rolls)

Focuses on the possibilities and generates new ideas and fresh concepts


(Team Rolls)

Focuses on interaction, communicate new ideas and carry them forward


(Team Rolls)

Focuses on the analysis, challenge and concepts using methodical processes


(Team Rolls)

Focuses on the realization, follow up on team objective and implement ideas and solutions


(Team Rolls)

Combine all four rolls, focuses on everything, more versatile role
P.E.P. Cycle

1. Panic (I'll never have good ideas)

2. Elation (What a great idea)

3. Panic (That idea will never work)

Which Team Role typically experiences the P.E.P. Cycle as: First panic because change is going to happen. Then becomes elated once ideas have flourished and they have to information needed and can implement the plan or idea. Finally they go back to panic because they are afraid it won't work.
Which Team Role typically experiences the P.E.P. Cycle as: First panic because they have no ideas. Then become elated when another team member has an idea they like. Next they promote the idea they like. Finally they go back to panic because the other team members may poke holes in the idea and raise objections to them.
Which Team Role becomes elated by clarifying objectives and making ideas better?

What individual must:

1. Recognize when Creators reach Elation

2. Allow productive discussions with Advancers to exist and continue.

3. Involve Refiners at the appropriate time,

4. Activate the Executors to put the idea in motion?

Team Leader
Team scrutinizes new ideas to see if they are realistic orderly analyzes ideas to find flaws and avoid problems, and develops then evaluates detailed plans for implementation

Team focus on possibilities, new ideas are born, members look at problems from unusual and unique perspectives, and discussions are conceptual and focus on the "big picture"

Team puts ideas into action, follows through on the plan to get results, focuses on details and makes progress through an orderly and well-thought-out process

Team gives new ideas more structure and considers broad strategies for implementation, shows everyone how the idea is valuable, and clarifies to others the role they might play in the project.

CMSgt Smoke gathers his Tigre Team and says, "Given our dismal results during the last UCI, our goal is to come up with ways to improve before the next one. A few members begin bouncing ideas around, Some other members become excited about the ideas and share their enthusiasm. Chief Smoke asks certain members if the ideas being kicked around are feasible and rational. As the ideas become sound, Chief Smoke says, "I think we've got some great ideas to work with. I want to get with a few of you tomorrow and talk about implementation." Six months later the UCI is complete and squadron receives an "Outstanding."
The "Z" Process

Chief Thornton wants to know why his unit is not winning quarterly awards. He gathers a team of SNCOs and asks them to look into the unit's process. Three of them use a methodical process to analyze data from the last three quarters. The two remaining SNCOs discuss ways to ensure any changes made would be implemented in an orderly manner. One week later, the flight chiefs had no recommended changes and told Chief Thornton they believed it to be just a matter of time before the unit begins twinning its share of the awards..

Because the team ______, the unit will MOST likely _____ quarterly awards.

lacked creators and advancers; continue losing