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Term used to encompass a broad range of specialty areas, including hairstyling, nail technology, and esthetics.


Defined as the art and science of beautifying and improving the skin, nails, and hair and includes the study of cosmetics and their application.


How early do archaeological studies reveal that haircutting and hairstyling were practiced in some form?

Ice Age

Who were the first to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion?


Who used cosmetics as part of their personal beautification habits, religious ceremonies, and preparation of the deceased for burial?


Who stained their nails red by dipping her fingertips in henna, wore lavish makeup designs, and used custom-blended essential oils as signature scents?

Queen Nefertiti

Queen dieing circa 1400 BC

A brilliant red pigment, made by grinding cinnabar to a fine powder.


A mineral that is the chief source of mercury

What color did noble women dye their hair?


What color did middle class women tint their hair?


What color did poor women color their hair?


How did Roman women indicate their class in society?

Hair color

During the middle ages where did women wear colored makeup?

Cheeks and lips, but not their eyes

On their face

Around AD 1000, what person physician and alchemist refined the process of steam distillation


During the Renaissance, how did shaving or tweezing of the eyebrows and hairline to show greater expanse of the forehead was thought to make women appear?

More intelligent

Which austere and restrictive period in history were fashions in dress and personal grooming drastically influenced by social mores?

Victorian Age

Up until the 19th century what additional practices did barbers perform

Minor surgeries and dentistry

The possibilities can be endless for a hard working professional cosmetologist who approaches their career with what?

A strong sense of personal integrity

Who provides information about new products, new trends, and new techniques?

Distributor sales consultants (DSCs)