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Growth Factor ( variety of proteins in the cell that act as a cell signal to initiate the following set of events)


Growth factor activates CYCLIN D ( a protein in the cell that causes the cell to move to the next phase)


Cyclin D phosphorylates CDK (Cyclin dependent kinase - enzyme)


CDK (Cyclin dependent kinase) creates CDK - PO4


CDK - PO4 phosphorylates RB (retinoblastoma protein)


RB creates RB - PO4 which causes the cell to progress to the synthesis stage of interphase

Job of RB

hold the cell in the G1 phase until the cell is ready to progress

If RB doesn't get phosphorylated, the cell ____

Will not move into the S phase and cell reproduction ceases

______ will inhibit the phosphorylation of RB

P 53

Other responsibilities of p53

DNA repair/ initiates cell death if the DNA is irreparable

Produces Thrombospondin which controls Angiogensis

Control capillary formation

If p53 is deactivated....

Angiogensis is out of control as well as cell reproduction

Signs of out of control cell reproduction

1. Lump formation under the skin or on an organ

2. Mole formation

3. Change in shape of mole

4. Change in coloration of a mole

5. Mole becomes bumpy/ change in texture

6. Wart growth from HPV

Agents that deactivate p53

HPV (inhibits p53 and the activity of RB protein and by binding with them and rendering them inactive)

Hepatitis (the hepatitis virus mutates p53 gene, which affects normal function)