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Uses of tradebooks

literature response journals, book clubs, readers theater, dinner party, literary discussions, body biographies.


illustrate text during dull parts, increase student retention, diverse sources, more up to date, more attractive, show the point in a different way, demonstrate what facts alone can't.

Pros and Cons of textbooks

length of reading section, electronic versions--no access at home/ distractions, not interesting to the students, age appropriate, structured, current?

Textbook Readability

concepts, vocab, sentence structure, fromant, font, glossy, glare, prior knowledge, student interest


regular reading time, practice reading skills, promotes positve attitude, set time- consistency, 15 minutes, teacher needs to read too, uninterrupted, not before test

Writing strategies

journal, quick write, possible sentences, cubing, writing roulette, research paper, I-Search


Survey, Questions, Read, Recite, Review


Role, Audience, Format, Topic

Readability Formula

Determines how hard or easy a text is to read

Study Skill Strategies

Create a picture in your mind using the words in order-- squencing and concreate words. mnemonicm, note taking, feature anyalysis, graphic organizer, include questions that are going to be on the test in the notes

Strrategy implies intent- planned means to an end. Students must know what to study and how to study it. Good study strategies focus attention on important info, meaningful study goals, organize info, cause studs to practice, encourage deep processing.