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Name five ways quackery can be dangerous to consumers.
Five ways quackery can be dangerous to consumers are:
1. It can rob patients of valuable time
2. Prey on their fear of doctors
3. Provide advice so dangerous that it can be life threatening
4. suggest treatment that can do more harm then good
5. Misinterpret health facts to their own advantage
What are TRPs?
TRPs are Tamper Resistant Packaging. Three types of TRPs include a box around the bottle, a plastic covering over the lid, and foil stretched across the bottle's lid's opening.
What five pieces of intormation must be on a drug label?
Five pieces of information that must be on a drug label include:
1. Drug facts
2. Title
3. Active ingredients
4. Purpose
5. Uses and Warnings
What are five different advertising techniques?
Five different advertising techniques include:
1. Nostalgia
2. the Bandwagon
3. Fantasy
4. Humor
5 Sense Apeal
6. Statistics
What are the seven steps for resolving consumer problems?
1. Identify the problem
2. Choose a solution
3. Collect documentation
4. Try to resolve the problem with the person who sold it to you
5. Talk to that person's supervisor
6. Write a letter to the company's president or the director of consumer affairs
7. Contact consumer information agencies
How does the FDA help consumers?
The FDA helps consumers by inspecting foods and drugs, processing and manufacturing, and it reviews and approves new Drugs and additives. The FDA also makes sure that all foods and drugs are properly labeled and they retest drugs to maintain standards, they also issue public warnings about hazardous products.
What is the uniform sales act?
The uniform sales act is an act that covers breeches of contract or warranty, provides consumer options to refuse to accept the goods and cancel the contract, keep the goods and sue the seller for damages, or keep the goods and ask for a price reduction.
Name six rights under the consumer bill of rights.
Six rights under the consumer bill of rights include:
1. The Right to Safety
2. The Right to Choose
3. The Right to be informed
4. The Right to be Heard
5. The Right to Redress
6. The Right to Consumer Education
Name four common health frauds.
Four common health frauds include:
1. People who promise health benefits they cannot deliver
2. Use the term "doctor" but seldom have a degree
3. If they have a degree usually its from a correspondence school or an obscure school
4. They appeal to people's fear of doctors
How does the AMA help consumers?
The AMA helps consumers by checking up on doctor's records and history for consumers.
What is the food, drug, and cosmetics act and how does it help consumers?
The food, drug, and cosmetics acts is a consumer law that establishes health and sanitary safety guards, it calls for standards of identity, quality, and quantity. Our friends at the FDA enforce this act.
How does the BBB help consumers?
The BBB helps consumers by investigating complaints about businesses, and they check up on businesses for consumers.
Define Quack.
A boastful pretender of medical skills.
What is Quackery?
Quackery is an ignorant or fraudulent practice.
Define Consumer Health.
Comsumer Health includes decisions about a purchase, use of health products, and services available to help consumers.
Define OTC.
OTC stands for an over the counter medication.
Define generic drugs.
A generic drug is a drug sold under its chemical name that has the same ingredients in it as the name brand form of the medication.
Define Malpractice.
Malpractice occurs when someone or an institution practicing medicines performs a negligent act, which causes harm to a patient.
Define Placebo.
A Placebo is a sugar pill with no medical value.
Define Diagnosis.
A diagnosis is the act or process of recognizing diseases by their characteristic symptoms.
What does the AMA stand for?
The AMA stands for the American Medical Association.
What does the FTC stand for?
The FTC stands for the Federal Trade Commision.
What does the BBB stand for?
The BBB stands for the Better Business Bureau.
What does the FDA stand for?
The FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration.
How does the FTC help consumers?
The FTC helps consumers by protecting you from unfair trade practices, they also cease and desist orders, handle complaints, and your name is withheld.