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who is S-3
operations officer
who is responsible to make sure that necessary sources are available on the project site on the day the wor is to be performed?
the crew leader
who is the S3A
the assistant operations officer
Who is S3C
the operations chief
when does planning for construction tasking begins?
approximatley 10 months before deployment when the battalion recieves the tentative tasking message.
how is the entire history of each NCF project documented, from the initial planning phase through the execution phase to the closeout phase?
in a nine-folder project package called the standard NCF project package outline
what is contained in file 1 of standard NCF project package outline
general information file
what is contained in file 2
correspondence file
what is contained in file 3
activity file
what is contained in file 4
network file
what is contained in file 5
material file
what is contained in file 6
quality control file
what is contained in file 7
safety/environmental file
what is contained in file 8
plans file
what is contained in file 9
specification file
what is the first project planning milestone
designating crew leaders and planning team.
what is the last project planning milestone?
preparing the project briefing.
what is of paramount importance in identifying long lead-time items for realistic schedules
yo must take in account anticipated material delivery dates
where are all required resources listed
on the CAS sheets.
what is the purpose of the master ativity listing
to make clear to all personnel involved in the planning process exactly what work is included in each master activity
what is a good guide for developing the construction activites?
the work element checklist in appendix A to the NAVFAC P-405, Seabee planner's and estimator's handbook.
what is listed in the P-405 to aid in seabee man-day estimates?
how many man-hours it takes to do one unit of work and the size of the unit required.
hwo are man-day estimates and durations calculated
quantity of work divided by the unit size and multiplied by the man-hours required to do one unit. you then divide by 8 man hour per man-day and multiply by a delay factor(DF)
what is the intent of a production efficiency factor?
to adjust for factors that will make you more or less productive than the average seabee
what production factor is assigned for each element?
between 25(low production) and 100(high production).
What is concidered the average production factor
what is the formula for determing the mand-day capability(MC) for the main body and each detail
MC=DL X WD X ME X AF use DL to represent the number of direct labor assigned; WD for the number of available workdays; ME for the length of the workday divided by 8 (9/8=1.125); and AF is the availabilty factor.
how is each construction activity represented in a logic diagram
by an activity block
what is the first step in determinging the basic schedule
doing a forward pass which gives yo the total duration of your project
what are lag times
manditory wait times between activities
where do you take information to make a level II barchart?
From the information gained from the level III
what is indicated by the vertical lines on the level III barchart?
th separate the weeks
what is indicated by horizontal lines on the level III barchart?
To separate the master activities
where are the master activities listed on a level II barchart?
in a column on the left
what should be highlighted in red on level III barchart?
the critical path
what should be highlighted in yellow on a level III barchart?
the daily status
what is productive labor?
man-day expended that directlycontrubute to the accomplishment of the battalion mission
what is direct labor
all man-days expended directly on assigned construction activity, either in the field or in the shop and includes any labor that contrubutes directly to the completion of the project
what is indirect labor
man-days expended to support construction operations, but that doesn't produce an end product in itself.
what is overhead labor?
man-days expended that must be performed regardless of the assigned mission.
how many man-days remaining if a cnostruction activity with an original estimate of 20 man-days is 25% complete
15 man-days remaining (there are 15 man-days remaining because 75 percent of the work is left to be done and 75x20/100)
who enters any field chanfges in red on the red-line drawings by entering all changes and comparing them with the drawings held in the operations department?
the crew leader
what is the purpose of the hard card checklist for concrete or asphalt?
to ensure the site of the placement has been adequately prepared
when are the hard-card checklist for concrete or asphalt prepared?
must be completed 24 hours before placement of materials.
what materials must be reflected in the BMs?
EVERYTHING needed to complete the project
what form is used to requisition all material from MLO
what lead time is required for normal material requisitioned from CONUS?
at least 60 days
what lead time is required for long lead material requisitioned from CONUS?
at least 120 days
how is excess material disposed when a job is completed
offered to the customer
what happens to excess material a customer don't wants?
stored in MLO for six months.
how often are tool kit inventories required by the Seabee Supply Manual, except for some large kits?
twice a month
how often must all electrical tools be safety checked and verified to have the right color tape on the cord?
what is the first thing anyone notices about your jobsite?
the general appearance
what is an aid in explaining the project schedule to a visitor to the jobsite?
the level III barchart
what eight items must mandatory be posted on the jobsite information board?
level III bar chart; safety plan/EM385 1-1; quality control plan; construction activity summary sheet; weekly goal; daily safety topics; emergency telephone numbers; and the crew organization/chain of command.