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What are the 1st 10 amendments called?

Bill of Rights

Article III describes what department/branch?


T/F the 11th amendment guarantees that no state can be sued in a fed court by a resident of another state/foreign country


2 Houses of Congress

Senate and House of Representatives

2/3 requirements for a person to be a representative in House of Reps

at least 25, US citizen for at least 7 years

(other: reside in state/district)

How frequently are members of the H of R elected?

every 2 years

What is used by fed ct to determine each state's population?


define impeachment in one word


T/F If a state has a small enough population, they can have no representation in the US House of Reps


what is the president's current salary?


main purpose of Preamble

state purposes of constitution

5 freedoms granted by the 1st amendment
religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition

T/F Until the 25th amendment, the office of VP had been vacant and remained unfilled 16 times


Article I describes what branch?


How is the number of senators divided among states?

2 per state

What body of govt is the only one that can declare war?


What is the name of a criminal law that operates retroactively to the disadvantage of the accused?

ex post facto

What does the senate's pro tempore do?

a person who presides over senate when the VP isn't there

Article II


T/F No state can keep a standing/active navy or army


body of presidential electors chosen in each state that chooses the pres. or VP every 4 years

electoral college

Which amend. prohibits slavery?


What address is given by the pres. soon after congress convenes?

State of the Union Address

How frequently do Supreme Court justices run for reelection?


Which amend. was repealed in its entirety?


How long is a senator's term of office?

6 years

Why is congress called bicameral?

2 Houses

the only crime defined in the constitution


T/F ex post facto laws can be passed and applied


what elected person presides over the senate?


T/F each state must respect the laws, public records, and court decisions of every other state


How many amendments have been ratified to date?


T/F the 3rd amendment allows for quartering or housing of soldiers in private homes during peacetime


What is double jeopardy?

can't be tried twice for a crime

Why is the 20th amend. sometimes called the "lame duck" amendment?

It shortened the time from election in nov. to when the office is taken in january

T/F because of the 16th amendment, congress can levy any income tach without regard to population in any state


were women or blacks first given the right to vote by the amendments?


T/F treason is punishable by death


first 3 words of preamble

"We the People"

Name 2 strategies the framers of the const. used to keep any department/branch from becoming to powerful?

separation of powers, checks and balances

Who does the 25th amend. provide to succeed the pres. in case of death or resignation?


what is a quorum?


Article VII


What does the equal protection clause of the 14th amend. guarantee all US citizens?

no discrimination

What is the name given to the clause of the constitutional basis for the many and far reaching implied powers of the govt?

elastic clause (necessary and proper clause)

What are unenumerated rights?

unlisted rights we get but govt can't take away

How many presidents have been convicted in an impeachment case?


Why do defendants in criminal trials plead the 5th?

to prevent self-incrimination

What is the only amend. that has been submitted to the states for ratification by special conventions?


What body has the exclusive power to try those govt officials who are impeached?